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What Causes Hair Loss at Young Age in Men?

Hair loss at a young age is heartbreaking for young adults. Since there are so many causes of hair loss, men often find it difficult to figure out the exact reason behind it. To help them unearth the major causes behind hair loss, we joined hands with Lordhair, the leading global brand of hairpieces for men.

Read and learn about the major causes of hair loss at a young age in men:

Autoimmune disorders: Challenges posed by autoimmune disorders have grown steadily in the past decade. Alopecia areata is one of the most common autoimmune disorders where the body’s immune system attacks hair follicles. Lupus and dermatomyositis are other autoimmune diseases causing hair loss.

While medications support recovery from autoimmune disorders, hair loss may return if caution is not practiced. If your hair loss is extreme, we recommend wearing a toupee wig for quick recovery.

Poor diet: Nowadays, everyone loves gorging on pizzas, burgers, and meats but all of it comes at a health cost. Processed foods and drinks greatly add to our body weight and increase the risk of diseases that trigger hair fall.

Your everyday diet can help in boosting hair growth. Add fresh fruits and vegetables to your daily diet to give your body a regular supply of nutrients and vitamins. This is literally the easiest way to retain hair in your twenties!

Genetics: Genetics is a common factor behind hair loss in youngsters. Also known as hereditary hair loss, it’s a medical condition during which the amount of time hair actively takes to grow reduces and hair present on the temple and the hairline begins to recede. These natural conditions can also be triggered by a drop in hormone levels in the body.

The risk of hereditary hair loss is comparatively more if your parents have also experienced premature baldness. Unfortunately, there’s no ‘cure’ for hereditary hair loss – it’s already coded into your genetics and is permanent.

Alcohol and smoking: While tobacco smoke has the potential to damage the sensitive hair follicles and trigger hair loss in the long run, toxins present in the alcohol affect blood circulation and shrink the blood vessels. The lack of blood flow to the hair strands limits the nourishment to hair stands and could result in hair loss.

Also, regular consumption of alcohol and cigarette smoking damages the immune system of our body which can lead to serious medical conditions that can also cause hair loss and damage.

Medications: A lot of drugs used in medical treatments trigger hair loss as a side effect. Mostly, drugs only lead to temporary hair loss that goes away once we stop the consumption of these drugs.

Chemotherapy drugs used to treat certain types of cancer also cause hair loss. These drugs destroy the fast-growing cancer cells in the body but unfortunately also attack the healthy hair-growing cells in the body, leading to hair damage.

However, the regrowth process eventually begins after the treatment is over.

Stress and anxiety: Stress has become an inseparable part of our lives and is giving birth to new medical challenges. While hair fall caused by stress can be scary, it’s usually temporary in nature and can be reversed. Telogen effluvium, trichotillomania, & alopecia areata are the three types of hair loss that are related to stress. Controlling your stress can help you in boosting the growth of your hair.

To get rid of hair fall caused due to stress, add healthy foods rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin B, & Vitamin E to your daily diet. Start doing exercise, yoga, or meditation to bring down hair loss-causing stress.

We hope that the above post helped you learn about the causes of hair loss in men at a young age. Adopt healthy lifestyle habits and stay away from stress to keep your hair healthy.

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