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How to apply toner – Definition, Types, Methods to apply toner, and More

What is toner, and How to apply toner?

You need to know How to apply toner and have the perfect platinum finish and remove the yellowish tone from your hair’s discoloration for the product.

If you’ve ever bleached your hair, you probably know how difficult it can be to keep it shiny and with a much more elegant platinum tone.

But it is not that difficult to achieve a perfect style if you use toner.

This year some of the fashionable shades are platinum or bleached tints, such as blonde.

Platinum that will be the year’s trend or lavender gray that also has bleached.

So if you want to keep your color perfect without it being yellow, you probably need hair toner.

What is hair toner?

They are products that help to tint the hair, How to apply toner, especially the bleached tones.

And give it a much more neutral touch by removing the orange or yellowish tone.

However, hair toner is not only for complete platinum finishes.

It also works when you have highlights, balayage, and other dye styles that have bleached your hair.

How to apply toner hair?

By using a hair toner, you manage to change the tone of your hair.

Your hair needs to be previously bleached because what the product does is give another technique: it does not discolor.

The toner will help keep your hair from looking yellow, giving your hair a more natural and healthy appearance.

And it is not only beneficial for platinum tones. It is also helpful in lavender, violet, or pink colors.

How to apply toner And Types of hair toner

There are different types of toner, and everything will depend on the needs and color of your hair, as well as the finish you want to obtain.

1. Toner with ammonia

  • I recommend you to use it when the hair is already bleaching but after days or weeks of the process.
  • Although it is the most aggressive, it also gives more visible results.

2. Purple shampoo

  • It can be used on bleached or gray hair.
  • It has a silly violet that helps to counteract orange or yellow hues.
  • But it is necessary to leave it only for the time indicated so that the hair does not take this color.

Where can you buy hair toner?

  • Stores specializing in beauty products such as Sally Beauty, Loquay, and many others, can offer you different toner types to tint your hair.
  • Your hair’s needs may be different, so you can ask for product recommendations if you don’t want to do a lot of testing.
  • You can find this toner for hair in Sally Beauty, and it can also help gray hair. It is a dye that comes in three different colors.
  • Silver Ash Blonde has blue pigments that help counteract orange.
  • The Pearl Blonde helps to remove the yellow tone with the help of iridescent neutral pigments.
  • And the Beige Blonde, which also brings out the yellow style, but with pinkish violet pigments.
  • This hair correcting toner removes red or gold undertones and gives hair a more neutral tone: white, blonde, or silver, depending on the bleaching.

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Review How to apply toner – Definition, Types, Methods to apply toner, and More.

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