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Half-Life Alyx – Half-Life Alyx Review, Story Mode, Best Games, Analysis, and More

What is Half-Life Alyx?

  • Half-Life Alyx (2020) is a virtual reality first-person shooter game developed and published by Valve.
  • Thirteen years have passed since that now distant, but never forgotten, Half-Life 2: Episode 2.
  • As everyone now knows, the title left the adventures of our loved one unfinished Gordon Freeman, by Alyx Vance Resistance intention in the fight against combined supremacy After the Black Table crash.
  • In just seven hours xen’s managed to conquer Earth, leaving the little survivors to hope similar to ours, players await the end of a beloved series.
  • Valve aliens have been silent for many years and many generations, communicating nothing about a possible new chapter.

Story Mode

  • The dreams of all fans went up in smoke some time ago when posted the script for a possible third title in the series online.
  • The served VR awakening the giant owner of Vapor, technology in some aspects still immature but that, with this game, takes a clear and decisive step forward.
  • Also, perhaps this was precisely Valve’s goal, a bit like what happened in the previous chapters.
  • For the love of God, Half-Life: Alyx does not present anything new or never seen before.
  • But it is the wise union of several elements that bring to life an actual triple-A game in virtual reality, the first of its kind: a decided formula winner.


  • So far, the world of Oculus, Lives, Windows Mixed Reality, and whoever has more of them lived from “experiences,” “technological demonstrations,” and similar projects.
  • Short games, castrated in certain aspects, limited, purely visual.
  • It is what the virtual reality market is made of at the moment, without detracting from the titles that are still very valid.
  • Games like Robo Recall, Lone Echo, Arizona Sunshine, No Man’s Sky (although it was not precisely born for this world).
  • Or the gigantic Asgard’s Wrath are still essential experiences for anyone with a spectator possibly also places before Half-Life Alyx.

Half-Life Alyx Review

  • The gloves supplied to the protagonist are highly functional for the game since they allow you to move as little as possible when you have to collect some objects, ammunition, treatments, or others.
  • Just point your open hand at something, close it, and flick your wrist to draw what you need toward us – a great power saver.
  • Along with the gloves created by the weird Russell, our Alyx also enjoys good firepower, even if it’s not great.
  • During the game, only three weapons propose, joined by Garnet, each of which has different loading systems and upgrades.
  • I must say that the firing system is well, and we can hear the shots.
  • But it is still several options reduces to the bone and skinny, and from this point of view.
  • I would have expected a little more.
  • Even the general AI of the enemies certainly doesn’t shine for inventiveness.
  • Excluding monsters like Head crab and the like, whose movements.
  • And actions are still consistent with their nature, the same cannot be said for Combinations.

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Review Half-Life Alyx – Half-Life Alyx Review, Story Mode, Best Games, Analysis, and More.

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