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Altered Carbon – Description, Elements, Altered Carbon Story, and More

What is Altered Carbon?

Altered Carbon will be discovered on a distant planet, allowing, among other things, near-immortality.

  • The substance can store and transmit our consciences in a kind of battery (covers, in the language of the series) that can transport from body to body.
  • However, there will be no shortage of those who question this kind of immortality.
  • These are the quests (the name comes from their leader, Quellcrist Falconer), who will become a kind of rebellion against the Protectorate.
  • The bad guys, come on, why complicate and will try to destroy the new status quotes.

Altered Carbon Season 1

  • In the first season of Altered Carbon, we met Takeshi Kovacs, the last of those rebels.
  • Debris from another age who brought to the present against his will to return to the planet Harlan.
  • His home planet where the carbon in question was discovered to investigate a crime.
  • Although entertaining, that first season was a carbon copy – an intentional joke – of many science fiction references.
  • Blade Runner and Neuromancer did not finish curdling or were a light show whose only intention was to entertain with somewhat liquefied concepts and sword fights.

One more time now with rhythm

  • The start of the second season does not invite you to get too hopeful.
  • Although it takes advantage that we can change the leading actor – Joel Kinnaman leaves with the change of cover, Anthony Mackie enters.
  • The series returns to a starting point almost identical to that of its initial season.
  • 30 years after the first story, Kovacs brought to Harlan against his will and ends up investigating a crime.

Altered Carbon Elements and Cast

  • Being able to go anywhere in the space and calmly use an entirely new cast.
  • The beginning of the recent Altered Carbon season seems not to risk an iota.
  • It repeats the recipe of its first season and even repeats elements almost identically already.
  • But soon, this new story is going in other ways.

Altered Carbon Season 1

  • Reduced to eight episodes instead of ten, which concentrates and empowers it, the story deepens and explores the mythology of the planet Harlan.
  • Thanks to a couple of narrative jumps -something easy-, our characters will end up.
  • It’s exploring against their will the origins of this world and the altered carbon, especially the relationship with the Ancients.

Story Mode

  • This extinct alien race inhabited the planet before the humans’ arrival, which gives the story Love-craftian touches.
  • Of course, the Protectorate is still there to provide the quota of combats in each episode.
  • There are twists and turns of the serial – persecutions, alliances, betrayals
  • And a future that allows us to consume the series without questioning too much if we waste time (as happened sometimes in the first installment).
  • The protagonist’s change is positive – Mackie is far more versatile than Kinnaman.
  • There is an attentive look from the filmmakers regarding enhancing what worked best in the first season.
  • Although Altered Carbon is not an essential science fiction series, this time, it takes on a specific epic character while highlighting.
  • The “people who change their appearance and we don’t know who they are” component inherent in its own story.
  • We look forward to that third season to discover what Kovacs will look like now and where his adventures will take him.

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