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Direct X12 – Definition, Model, Direct X12 Applications, Best Deals, and More

What is Direct X12?


Direct X12- Seeing the ignorance and the doubts that most people have about Direct X12 in each related news that has been coming out on the subject.

I have decided to do a little research work and gather here the most basic information.

We can all understand, and that people understand more about what Direct X12 is.

And how it will affect our Xbox One.

Before starting to say that this post is written by me, based on articles and information that I have searched on the internet, it may have errors and faults.

It’s going to be a bit for the whole family; that is, I’m not going to put technicalities that only 5% of the forum understands.

At the end of the post, I will add a fascinating article that I have seen on another website, which has more specialized content.

I will also try to make the post less heavy by adding videos and photos. Let us begin.


  • VRS can also be used in virtual reality games for foveae rendering.
  • Drawing more detail where your eyes are looking and minor detail in the periphery where your eyes aren’t focused.


  • If you’ve played an open-world game, you’ll know that cranking the level of detail can impact performance.
  • As the CPU gets overwhelmed by issuing draw calls for each object in the environment.

What is Direct X12?

What is an API?

  • The application programming interface, abbreviated as API (Application Programming Interface).
  • It is the set of subroutines, functions, and procedures (or methods, in object-oriented programming) that offers a specific library to be uses by other software as a layer of abstraction.

what is Api?

  • In other words, APIs are a set of computer commands, functions, and protocols that allow developers to create specific programs for certain operating systems.
  • APIs greatly simplify the work of a program creator since they do not have to “write” code from scratch.
  • These allow the computer scientist to use predefined functions to interact with the operating system or another program. Also you can watch movies on tamilrockers new link .

How does it work?

  • How it works is the least important for us; what matters to us is that it improves concerning what we already have, apart from the fact that we would not understand half of the things about its operation.
  • Likewise, as I said before, I will leave at the end of the post a link to an article that does explain it in great detail, although it is too heavy for me.

What improves DirectX 12?

  • This is the crucial thing and interests us, knowing that DirectX12 improves concerning 11 or other APIs.
  • To begin with, we are going to say that the most critical improvement of DX12 over DX11 is that the latter was not design for Multicores (processors with more than one core).
  • While DX12 seeks to take advantage of 100% of this technology.
  • That is to say, and it takes better advantage of multitasking. It can execute more tasks at the same time without affecting its performance so much.
  • And this is where the Xbox One comes in.
  • This console is design for multitasking, which also has a combination of SRAM + DDR3 memory.
  • However, it is one point which DX12 will improve for better  advantage to use

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Review Direct X12 – Definition, Model, Direct X12 Applications, Best Deals, and More.

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