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Time Cube – Definition, Significance, Model, Uses, and More

What is Time Cube?

Time Cube was a personal website founded in 1997 by the self-proclaimed “wisest man on earth,” Otis Eugene “Gene” Ray.

“Time Cube,” which states that all modern sciences participate in a worldwide conspiracy to hide that each day consists of four days.

Along with these statements, Ray described himself as a “divine being with superior intelligence who has absolute proof” for his views.

Ray claimed repeatedly and in various ways that “the academy” had not taken his Time Cube theory seriously.

Behavior and Evidence

It consisted of a series of web pages that contained a vertical column of the main body text of various sizes and colors.

Ray used cryptic language that included bizarre and nonsensical phrases such as “Adults eat teenagers alive, there is no record of their death.”

The narrative was chaotic. In one paragraph, he claimed that because his wisdom is as old as known knowledge.

Psychiatrist who examined his behavior diagnosed him with schizophrenia.

Some have argued that it is useless to rationally analyze the text.

Time Cube Significance

Time Cube Significance

  • You can locate significant evidence in the text, or verify any proof that what you have written is valid.
  • Ray’s model of reality called “Time Cube” claims that all modern physics and education are wrong and argues that, among many other things, time slots are a global conspiracy.
  • He uses various graphs (along with pictures of himself) that intend to show how each day is four separate days.
  • Like the Sunrise, noon, sunset, and midnight (formerly, morning, noon, afternoon, and night), co-occurring.


The following quote from the website illustrates the recurring theme:

  • When the Sun shines on the Earth, two main time points are creating on opposite sides of the Earth, known as Noon and Midnight.
  • The two main forces of time come together, the synergy makes two new minor time points that we recognize as Sunup and Sundown.
  • The four central points of time can think of as the time square imprinted on the Earth’s circle.

Time Zone

  • In a single rotation of the Earth’s sphere, each time corner point rotates through the other three corner time points.
  • Thus it is creating the 16 corners, equivalent to 96 hours, that is, four days out of 24 hours.
  • It moves simultaneously within a single rotation of the Earth.
  • So he calculates that one day has the equivalent of four days in reality.
  • Ray offered $ 10,000 to anyone who could prove his views wrong.
  • Mike Hartwell of The Maine Campus wrote that any attempt to claim the award would convince Ray that his theory was invalid.

Time Cube Model

  • The test would have to be framed model, thus deviating from any form of modern science.
  • “Even if you could pull it off,” Hartwell said, “Ray probably wouldn’t believe her.”
  • He also spoke about Time Cube at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in January 2002 as part of an extracurricular event hosted by students during the independent activities period.
  • He repeated his offer of $ 10,000 for teachers to refute his notions at the event; none tried.
  • In 2005 he repeated at the Georgia Institute of Technology, without anyone refuting his theory.
  • He soon became a minor internet celebrity. Ray claimed that it was not a position he wanted.
  • But rather something he felt he had to do so that “no writer or speaker understands the Time Cube.”
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Review Time Cube – Definition, Significance, Model, Uses, and More.

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