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Turn off Reddit notifications Chrome – Description, Methods, Tips, and More

How to Turn off Reddit notifications?

  • Turn off Reddit notifications Chrome having ads just like any other website that has to pay bills.
  • To show you some relevant ads, Reddit tracks your activity.
  • It does not matter if, as a user, you are logged into your Reddit account or not.
  • Your training is being followed.
  • The action that Reddit tracks includes, but is not limited to, tracking outbound links.
  • It means the links you click on Reddit, whether they point to an Imgur gallery or an article on CNN.
  • If you don’t like being tracked, you can Turn off Reddit notifications Chrome to track your activity.

Disable Reddit Tracking

  • Visit this link to the Reddit personalization page and select the tracking options you want to disable.
  • Once you finish making changes, click on ‘Save Options’ at the end.


  • The page tells you what happens if you disable these customization options.
  • The different ads you see on Reddit will become repetitive, meaning Reddit won’t bombard you with the same ad over and over again.
  • It is because it knows which ones it already shows you and which ones it did not.
  • If you disable your Reddit tracking, you will start to see the same advertisement repeatedly.
  • The various ads you see will not be relevant.
  • These will be generic ads that users on the current subreddit are likely to find useful.
  • It will affect the ads you see in the right sidebar, but not the sponsored content that starts appearing at the top of r / all or any other subreddit you visit.
  • It only disables Reddit’s tracking features, not third-party advertisements.

Disable notifications on mobile

  • To deactivate or manage your Chrome notifications on your mobile
  • Open the Google browser and click on the round button with three dots in the upper right corner.
  • Doing so will open a menu where you have to click on the Settings option to access the Chrome settings.
  • Once you enter the Chrome Settings section on your mobile.
  • Go down to the Advanced Settings section that you have a little further down.
  • Click on the Website Settings option that you have under Privacy and Accessibility.

Web Pages Elements

  • You will go to a window to see the elements that the web pages you visit can access.
  • On this page, click on the Notifications option, which will allow you to configure which pages access your browser’s notifications.
  • Once you enter the Notifications menu, deactivate the Notifications option that you have at the top of the window if you want to deactivate them all at once.
  • When deactivating it with the button you have to its right, it will display neither notifications nor be asked if you want to activate it.
  • The option will be disabled.


  • In this Notifications menu, you will also see a list of pages with blocked or allowed notifications.
  • The websites will appear here depending on whether you have been permitted to use reports when they have asked you when entering them.
  • To manage one of the listed websites’ permissions, click on it, whether it is in the list of allowed or blocked notifications.
  • When you click on one of the websites that appear in any of these lists, a page profile in question will open with its address, the data stored, and the permissions it has.
  • On this page, click on the Notification permission, and you will enter an option where you can activate or deactivate them to your liking.

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Review Turn off Reddit notifications Chrome – Description, Methods, Tips, and More.

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