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Clippy – What happened to Clippy, the Microsoft Office Assistant?

What is Clippy?

  • Those of you who were Microsoft Office 97 users will undoubtedly remember Clippy.
  • The mascot of the productivity suite, who appeared from time to time to help with questions or offer usage tips.
  • Clippy was retired when Microsoft Office XP was released in 2001.
  • Its usefulness has always been highly questioned.
  • Sometimes it showed up when not asked, and other times it did nothing but annoy.
  • Indeed, it did often provide valuable advice, but it was more user criticism than praise.


  • It caused that four years later, when Office XP was launched in 2001.
  • Microsoft sacrificed the famous clip in favor of other functionalities and pets, such as a cute puppy or a cuddly kitten.
  • Even though 18 years have passed since his disappearance, Clippy fans continue to remember him and request his return.
  • Microsoft receives hundreds of requests each year in this regard.
  • When Clippy “came back to life” a few days ago in the form of a sticker for Teams, Microsoft’s productivity tool many were happy.
  • However, not everyone was happy with the return of Clippy in the form of a sticker for the Teams chat.
  • It was on GitHub, from where users could import it to use it in their communications.

Microsoft Brand

  • Responsible for Microsoft’s Brand, upon learning of this launch, took action on the matter, and Clippy was withdrawing in a matter of hours.
  • “There is no intention to bring Clippy back to life,” the company noted.
  • Clippy’s momentary return was not an official Microsoft move, but rather it was one of those nostalgic users who uploaded it to GitHub.
  • After the withdrawal, fans have even opened a petition to request the company to return Clippy.
  • It is something that does not seem to happen, at least in the short term.
  • The jubilation seized the followers of this distinguished Office assistant who received the news.
  • The famous clip did not return to play its previous role but instead as the protagonist of animated stickers for Microsoft Teams chats.
  • This pack of stickers saw the light on the Office development page that Redmond has on GitHub.
  • Anyone could import them into the communication software between teams, but in just one day, Clippy died again.
  • The stickers disappeared, and the paper clip returned to the Microsoft drawers.
  • Those responsible for this second death of the most famous clip in computing appear to be Microsoft’s brand police members.

Brand police killed Clippy

  • A source familiar with Microsoft, the branding team, was unhappy that Clippy when appears on Microsoft teams again.
  • That is why, they say, he immediately ordered his disappearance.
  • He had to go back to oblivion.
  • Officially, however, a company spokesperson told the US publication that “Clippy has been trying to get his job back since 2001, and his brief appearance on GitHub was another attempt.”
  • However, he admitted, “while we appreciate the effort, we have no plans to bring Clippy to the teams.”
  • Dear Office clip: they don’t want you.

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