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Cool features of iPhone 6s –Description and Top 6 Cool features of iPhone 6s

How is iPhone 6s productive? And Cool features of iPhone 6s

Cool features of iPhone 6s it seemed interesting to us to have Cool features of iPhone 6s, the model that we can consider as “basic” in this generation.

We want to understand what Apple offers in this iteration of the phone and if the changes from what it presents practically are worth it.

So recognizable, with an identical appearance to the model it replaces, it boasts brand new technology that can mark a before and aftermarket.

We are not talking about evolutions in power, in the camera, or in the operating system, which was the minimum expected in an “S” model.

We are talking about the ability of the phone to recognize how we press its screen.

A whole path is open to study and develop in the interaction on mobile devices. Hopefully, it will be productive.

iPhone 6s Packaging

  • Apple says it in its campaign, “the only thing that changes is everything.”
  • And it is not that we want to say the same, it is that the reality is that: although the phone looks the same – it is the idea in a model S.
  • Now it is built with another more resistant aluminum such as the 7000 series.
  • The dimensions are slightly different (bigger and heavier).
  • Something that can complicate the issue of inheriting accessories, for example, covers.

Excellent Cool features of iPhone 6s

  • Cool features of iPhone 6s 3D Touch as the most critical novelty
  • 3D Touch debuts on the iPhone 6s and is here to stay – like Siri or the fingerprint sensor.
  • Press hard on the screen, and for another different action will carry out.
  • The system under the name of 3D Touch recognizes the pressure and thus transmits it to the offer us what we can interpret as a contextual addition.

Excellent Cool features of iPhone 6s

1. Cool features of iPhone 6s : Quick Actions

  • It is something like a contextual menu of the icon that we are touching on the home screen.
  • It mainly offers us direct access to the most used functionalities.

2. Peek and Pop

  • Press a little – peek – and you will see a preview, which with a more excellent press – pop – we will end up opening.
  • Cool features of iPhone 6s Gestures also come into play with which we will have access to the main actions to be carried out with the element.
  • It works in almost all Apple applications, especially notable in Mail or the browser.
  • But you can also check its usefulness in the new Instagram like aravinda

3. Multitasking

  • As an alternative to double-pressing, we can now press hard on the screen’s left side.
  • It can be appearing the new way – cards – to show recently opened tasks.

4. Trackpad

  • 3D Touch also plays with the keyboard.
  • We can move through the written text as if it were a computer trackpad by pressing on it.
  • Cool features of iPhone 6s Once learned, it makes it easier to edit text, especially in paragraphs, and it becomes difficult to return to an iPhone without it.

5. Reproduction of moving images

  • It is both in the new Live Photos and in the “dynamic wallpapers” of the lock screen.

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Review Cool features of iPhone 6s –Description and Top 6 Cool features of iPhone 6s.

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