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Palm phone – Technical Specifications, Interface, Versions, and Palm phone Prices

What is Palm phone?

  • Palm phone (which has no proper name) is a kind of large smart watch.
  • It is not a mobile to use, but it synchronizes with your current mobile. It is not a smart phone.
  • Also, it is a kind of accessory that, according to Palm, serves to “leave your mobile behind.”
  • It’s kind of weird, and that’s why it’s interesting.

Palm phone Features and Technical Specifications

  • DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT: 50.6 x 96.6 X 7.4mm – 62.5 grams
  • SCREEN: 3.3-inch IPS / LCD with HD resolution (445 dpi)
  • RAM: 3 GB
  • PROCESSOR: Snapdragon 435
  • DRUMS: 800 mAh
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Android 8.1 Oreo
  • CHAMBERS: 12 megapixel rear; 8-megapixel front

A mobile that syncs with your smart phone

  • Beyond the specifications, which can see to be low-end, we must understand this device for what it is: an accessory.
  • We cannot purchase the phone separately. It is not available in a physical store.
  • Because it cannot, cannot buy it outside of Verizon.
  • The Palm mobile is an addition to the rate: you choose your Verizon monthly rate and add a Palm Phone for an additional 10 euros per month.


  • Its interface is simple.
  • Just press the only physical button you have to turn on the screen and access the applications arranged as if it were an Apple Watch.
  • It has Google Play, so you can download as many as you want.
  • The Palm mobile has a single touch button on the bottom frame.
  • One tap will take you back, two fixtures will get you home, and three taps will open multitasking.
  • It does not work by itself but has to synchronize with an Android mobile or iPhone, from which it receives the data connection, the signal, etc.
  • It does this thanks to Number Share, a Verizon service that allows you to “use your mobile number on up to five connected devices.”
  • In this way, you’re leading mobile acts as a host and sends calls, messages, and notifications to the rest of the devices.

Palm phone Performance

  • When it comes to performance, you can expect a low-end.
  • It’s 3 GB of RAM and Snapdragon 435 will be responsible, along with the 800 mAh battery, to move Android 8.1 Oreo.
  • Works well for basic tasks like texting and navigating, and using Google Maps, but it may not stand out in games, sound, or photography.
  • It is not a mobile designed for that, but to help you disconnect from your primary smart phone.

The “Modo Vida,” the spearhead of the Palm Phone

  • This mode deactivates every one of the connections that the device has.
  • At the same time, it activates the energy-saving mode while the screen is off.
  • That way, the user will not receive notifications, or calls, or messages, or anything at all.
  • It will only do so when you turn on the screen.
  • In any case, it can permanently be configured to receive notifications from specific apps.

Palm phone Versions and Prices

  • We cannot purchase the device separately.
  • The only way to get hold of it is with a Verizon plan and paying either $ 10 a month or $ 349.99 at one time.
  • Having a rate with Verizon is a sine qua non.
  • It will be available from November of this year in a single 3 + 32 GB configuration.

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Review Palm phone – Technical Specifications, Interface, Versions, and Palm phone Prices.

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