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How to escape prison in BitLife – Life Simulator is a game for mobile devices, becoming more and more popular with the passing day. The only reason people will switch to BitLife in 2021 is its minigames. There are plenty of minigames out there on BitLife that will keep you hooked for hours.

A minigame requires players to break out of all BitLife prisons. Those who have played BitLife should know how difficult it is to escape Prison in the game, and this is why many gamers have asked a lot of questions about BitLife prison break recently.


There are three types of how to escape prison in BitLife : minimum, medium, and maximum. It must notes that each plan of the Prison is different. If you are in minimum or medium prisons in BitLife, you can easily escape, but if you are locked in Maximum Prison, you will have to work hard to escape.

In particular, if you fixed breaking out of jail in BitLife, it will add a few more years to your sentence with the crime “attempted escape.” So make sure you only try it when you’re 100% ready.

We’ve compiled a list of all prison maps and their solutions to make it easier for you. Before I show you how to escape from each BitLife jail, let me explain how you can get to prison in the game.

How to Escape Prison in Bitlife?

Just like in real life, you only need to commit a crime to go to escape prison in BitLife. If you commit a crime, you resolve it fired from your current job, and sent to prison. In particular, there are some jobs you can do as a prisoner, but they don’t pay a living wage.

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BitLife: How to Escape from every Prison?


It is undeniable that escaping from a security prison on BitLife is not easy, but specific tips and tricks can get you out of Prison in no time. Before you try to escape from BitLife’s Prison, let me tell you that the Guardian moves twice when you make a move.

The weak point of this protection is that it only works horizontally at first. Whether he is surrounded by police officers, he can easily move to the right or left, as he will move horizontally first. So if he does the same, we will have to block the policeman against the prison walls.

If there is a wall on top of it later, it can reach you because it only makes horizontal movements. This is not the only but the easiest way to escape jail at BitLife. Apart from this method, we also have a cheat sheet for each map layout and a video that explains the same in the simplest way possible.

BitLife: How To Get All Tapes?

At BitLife, several tapes require you to get out of jail to win them. Cunning, Deadly, Houdini, Scandalous, and Jailbird are the gangs that need you to escape safely.

Jailbird Ribbon

To get Jailbird Ribbon in BitLife, you have to go to jail and escape at least three or four times. Once you complete, sit in your cell and grow old until you croak. Once done, you will get the Jailbird ribbon.

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