How to apply mascara – Selection, Method, Application, and Tips

What does mascara do?

  • How to apply mascara, putting on your mascara with style will give you more intensity in your eyes and an impressive volume.
  • The mascara is an actual product in any woman’s toiletry bag, but it is necessary to apply it generously to obtain a perfect finish.
  • And you should also take into account the effect you want to achieve.
  • So pay attention to the beauty tips to get the most out of your look.

How to apply the mascara?

  • First of all, and before applying mascara, you must clean your eyes and face well.
  • You can then add volume to your long lashes using an eyelash curler.
  • With your eyes wide open, place it as close to the eyelid as possible and squeeze for 10-15 seconds.
  • Repeat the operation many times with different sections of your lashes and move towards the end of the eyelid.
  • Never do it after using the mascara, or you will break your lashes.

Method of applying mascara

  • Now we move on to applying the mascara.
  • You can make sure that it is in better condition, so as a preventive method and hygiene reasons, do not use it for more than six months.
  • Check that the mascara is not very dry and remove excess product before using it.
  • If you don’t want to smudge your lids when applying, place a small spoon over your eye.
  • For a perfect finish, there are many tricks that you can use and that the experts advise.

Choose the correct mascara

  • You can also choose to mix any two colors for a greater sense of volume.
  • For example, you can also use a brown shade at the roots and a black shadow at the ends.
  • When applying mascara correctly, you must look down so that the eyelid does not move.
  • Never start to put it at the ends, better to do it from the roots and with upward zigzag movements.
  • Another tip for putting on mascara is not to pump it, as air will get into the tube, and clumps will appear.
  • Choose the mascara you want to achieve; better thin brushes with an elongated shape for a defined and natural finish.
  • If you wish to have a prolonged effect, the ideal is a pyramid-type brush.
  • In case you have straight eyelashes, the plan will be curved brushes to give them more volume.

Tips for applying mascara correctly

  • In case you want your mascara to be still and resist crying, you should choose it waterproof.
  • But to remove the remains later, you will have to use an oleic-based makeup remover.
  • On the other hand, the color tone that will provide the most incredible intensity to your gaze will be black.
  • However, brown, grayish, metallic, or green tones are good allies to achieve a medium intensity and a much more natural effect.
  • Wipe the excess product off the brush with a bit of paper before applying mascara, or there will be lumps on your lashes.
  • Do not apply a thin or single layer.
  • At least you should put two layers, and better if you comb the eyelashes between layers.
  • Thus, you will provide more depth to your look, although you will achieve a less natural look.

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