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Everything You Need to Know About Biker’s Arm

Motorcycling can be fun. It is often used as an adventurous ride where riders often don’t care much about taking protective measures to prevent accidents from happening.  However, this fun comes with multiple risks if accidents occur.  According to Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorneys at the Barnes Firm, motorcycle accidents lead to around 80,000 injuries each year across the USA.

The major risk associated with a motorcycle is its two-wheel frame which makes it an unprotected vehicle and provides no safety for the rider. It can lead to life-threatening events or serious injuries. Moreover, many vehicles, including trucks, cars, and buses, are likely not to see a motorcycle, resulting in serious injuries. One of them is the biker’s Arm.

Here, we will learn about what a biker’s arm is and its effects on the biker.

What is a Biker’s Arm? 

The rider’s arm, often known as the biker’s arm, is a kind of injury that motorcyclists tend to suffer while having an accident on the bike. When a rider falls on his arm or the motorcycle falls on the rider’s arm, it results in a biker’s arm.

When this occurs, the rider often has nerve damage to the upper arm. This results in limited mobility or other complex situations which can lead to partial or complete paralysis. The damage is done to the significant nerves, such as:

Median Nerve- It is sometimes known as the laborer’s arm. The median nerve sends signals to the muscles of the palm of your hand, the bottom of the thumb, and the upper forearm.

Radial Nerve– It controls the movement of the muscles at the back of the upper arm. It also contains the direction of the fingers and wrists.

Ulnar Nerve- These ulnar nerves run behind the elbows and control the movement of your fingers. These are often known as ‘musician’s nerves.’

These nerves control the movement of the hand, arm, and fingers in the body. Damaging any of these can significantly impact your personality and life. No matter how minor your accident on the bike is, you should always visit a doctor for professional consultancy. There might be some damages you’re not aware of.

What are the Symptoms of a Biker’s Arm? 

Whenever a person meets an accident on a motorcycle, they are likely not to see any symptoms immediately. You may be suffering any nerve damage and not know it. If the internal damage has been done, it will show the signs later.

If you had met an accident where your bike was on your arm or your weight was on your arm, immediately consult a doctor. Some of the significant signs you may notice after a biker’s arm are:

  • Numbness in the hands and fingers
  • Tingling through the arm
  • You can use your arm, but not your hand and fingers
  • Feel like an arm paralysis

If you are suffering through any of these symptoms, you may have a rider’s arm.

How to Avoid a Biker’s Arm

A biker’s arm is a kind of injury that can occur in an accident. Some of the types of accidents that can cause a biker’s arm to include blind-spot accidents, terrible road accidents, bad weather accidents, drunk accidents, motorcycle malfunction accidents, turning the wrong way, and more. Due to its nature, you can get a biker’s arm if you fell off from the bike or another motorist hits you.

You should always wear safety equipment like a protective jacket, helmet, or anything that can protect you from severe damage. Otherwise, this could risk your life and health.

You should also keep your skill up to date and maintain your motorcycle correctly. Try keeping your speed under control by properly using the gear. This may not altogether remove the chances of accidents, but it can minimize the chances of accidents. Moreover, do not drink or eat while riding a bike.

What Should You Do if You Have a Biker’s Arm?

If you have suffered a biker’s arm, you should immediately go to the doctor and get the treatment. If you prolong your trip to the doctor, it may cause a problem for you to seek legal assistance. The insurance companies might claim that the delayed treatment has caused the biker’s arm or downplay the situation.

Moreover, call your legal advisor or attorney to discuss the legal options you have. Contact your attorney as soon as possible once you have suffered the loss and get fair, legal treatment for your damage. Your life is important and seeking legal help is your right.

Review Everything You Need to Know About Biker’s Arm.

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