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Dog Bed: Making the Right Choice For Your Pet

Your furry little friend; or sometimes not so little companion need their privacy and some comfort for your sleep. Of course this will also significantly improve your own privacy because you don’t have to worry about rolling over in bed and hurting your pet dog, or it walking into your bedroom when you are in the middle of something important! Dog beds offer a lot of other conveniences to you and your pet and in this article we navigate through the factors to consider when buying a dog bed.

Mind Your Dog’s Size

Dog breeds differ in size and whether it’s a puppy or still growing, then you probably know how big your dog will get in a few months, or in a year. So when planning for a dog bed, get something that will accommodate its rapid growth phase, assuring it of comfort and reliability. Of course you can buy a new one if it gets too small, but then some dog breeds grow so fast you’d need to buy a new dog bed every couple of weeks just to keep up. So, measure your dog when it’s asleep, and add some inches to accommodate for growth, stretching, burrowing and easy movement.

Indoor and Outdoor use

Kennels are a thing of the past and dogs now require indoor and outdoor play. You don’t want your dog closed off indoors when there’s plenty of play room and sunshine outside. Getting a god bed that is versatile for both indoor and outdoor use is the best way to go. Some manufacturers understand this need and offer dog beds that are waterproof, adjustable covers, and easy to carry for your consideration.

Cleaning Instructions

  1. Living spaces have to be clean and hygienic. Make sure the dog bed is easy to clean and disinfect without too much hustle. Some dog beds come with cleaning instructions such as how to detach some parts before sticking it into a washing machine, or which parts can be washed separately and how. This information is important if you want your dog bed to last long. If you are a bit traditional and prefer cleaning it yourself, go for a dog bed that has a removable cover, and whose beddings are not permanently attached. Washing each part separately will give it a more thorough clean.

What to Do If You Have Multiple Pets

One factor that is rarely considered is what happens if you have several dogs of different breeds and sizes. One dog could be a sprawler and another one could be a snuggler. Don’t worry if this is the case, just make sure you get a big enough dog bed to fit all dogs in one, then let them fit in as they see fit! You’ll just need to make sure the beddings are changed constantly and the dog bed is fully disinfected. Be observant to see which dog isn’t comfortable sleeping with the rest and get a dog bed that fits it. The rest will learn to accept this over time.

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