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Crackdown 3 – Objectives, Characters, Game, Crackdown 3 Movie Review, and More

What is Crackdown 3?

  • It was clear that Crackdown 3 was going to be very heavy with all those delays and the change in its development team, with Sumo Digital taking the reins of the project in 2018.
  • It has enormous pressure of being a new installment almost ten years after beloved Xbox 360 exclusive sagas.
  • But the truth is that it has not been the hecatomb that many predicted, despite the unfortunate claim of the power of the cloud.
  • Because the base of Crackdown 3 is perfect and can play much better than the previous ones.
  • Its problem is certain design decisions in the Campaign that end up exhausting the biggest fan.

Crackdown 2 to Crackdown 3

  • It is still curious that the story in Crackdown 3 takes place a decade after what happened in Crackdown 2.
  • Because it is practically the time that there is a separation between the two (the sequel came out in 2010).
  • Although these new installments planned to go out in 2015, wow.
  • The generational leap is evident, and I have loved its new look, leaving in diapers the sobriety of the original from 2007.
  • The colors are more vivid, it has bet more if possible on the madness in the capacity of the destruction of the Agents.
  • The depth of field of the new city (New Providence) is worthy of praise, despite finding the odd innocent pop-up.

Game Story

  • On this “paradisiacal” island, we run into the evil Niemand, owner of the mega corporation Terra Nova.
  • Where her entourage runs different parts of the metropolis based on her strengths: Logistics, Industry, and Security.
  • What is striking, and where much of the blame for Crackdown 3 does not shine as it should.
  • It is how the game has to make us progress in the Campaign as if it were a sandbox full of secondary’s.
  • And with almost zero weight for the narrative except for what the narrator and some recording tell us.
  • Suppose we want to defeat these psychopaths before facing Niemand.


  • In that case, it will be mandatory to destroy their main objectives, which always results in highly repetitive mechanics.
  • Where key points will have to exploit or some terminal hacked.
  • So over and over again we are testing our patience no trace of elaborate missions.
  • Not even those of the bosses, who in most cases will reduce to climbing up to his lair and killing him there.

Crackdown 3 Maintains Orb Addiction

  • In a standard game, the usual thing will be to collect a third of the agility orbs (there are 750).
  • It will guarantee us to be very close to level 5 in this facet of the Agent.
  • In contrast, the secret orbs (250) will be placed in zones again very elaborate where we would hardly pass freely.
  • Obtaining 100% of both is a titanic task, not so for 100% of “missions” (we put quotation marks because they are not as such).
  • It is surprising how little party has been taken from the actor and ex-athlete Terry Crews knowing.
  • He is the image of this new installment and one of the Agents with whom we can play.

Crackdown 3 Movie Review

  • There will be quite a bit of variety between all of them (slight advantages in specific fields.
  • Like power with explosives and the like), having to unlock most of them by finding their elusive DNA trail.
  • In the first two hours of play, one is quite optimistic with Crackdown 3 because everything looks alive than ever.
  • The search for orbs is still tremendously addictive, and there are many things to do from minute one.
  • But everything fades at the beginning. See the seams because of the excess.

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