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Concrete Genie – Analysis and Beautiful Adventure capable of brightening anyone’s day

What is Concrete Genie?

  • Beautiful to the core, Concrete Genie uses the PS4 motion sensor to turn us into a friendly graffiti artist who tries to save his city from the darkness with a stroke of color.
  • It is a fantastic proposal that plays with puzzles and platforms to let us explore and paint walls without fear of getting a fine.

An interactive Pixar movie

  • What was once the standard commercial port full of shops and family visits to alleviate the grief of any Sunday.
  • Over time, has become a dark and abandoned area in which our protagonist spends his afternoons drawing in his notebook.
  • Reaching the point of breaking his notebook and sending him to a lighthouse where, fortunately, his life will begin to change.
  • There he meets Luna, a magical representation of one of his drawings and the guide that will lead him to save the city.
  • With the help of a magic brush, this Pixar- style story with stop-motion style animations -reminiscent of Laika’s work.
  • In films like Kubo or the recent Mr. Link- invites us to fight the darkness by painting the drawings that we will collect the shattered notebook of the protagonist.
  • Works well with life that painted on the walls and affecting the flora that grows around them.
  • It will turn a brick wall into a forest in which flowers sway with the wind and butterflies fly at their leisure.
  • It is a kind of cartoon scene that will serve as a home for the geniuses that we are painting in them.

Smart, beautiful, and suitable for all audiences

  • With specific areas in which to give shape and life to these companions, the idea is to take advantage of the powers of each one too.
  • Puzzle by puzzle; make way for the protagonist to continue painting more and more areas.
  • Painting a wall with specific motifs to satisfy one of the critters and coloring the darkness.
  • So that an electric genie can activate the electricity in an area taking a winding one to the right place so that it can blow and push a box.
  • Also, it is never a complex challenge, which, added to its message.
  • It makes Concrete Genie a perfect game for the little ones to approach, unfortunately, joint problems such as bullying.
  • The game ensures that the issues to advance minimal invite us to paint those walls with hanging light bulbs to promote.

Your unnecessary turn to action

  • Perhaps because of how relaxing and aesthetically beautiful the moment was, it didn’t take long for her last stretch to choke a bit.
  • At a certain point, the darkness takes control of the area, leaving everything colorless again and, to make matters worse.
  • It begins to turn the geniuses that used to accompany you from wall to wall into a kind of dark monster that can move around—pleasure in three dimensions.

Concrete Genie Review

  • A final stumble is not an excuse to miss Concrete Genie.
  • But it is an excellent excuse to reaffirm ourselves in the lack of need to put action and shots at everything.
  • Also, what for much of the game was a fantastic mix of art.
  • And ’90s exploration suddenly turns into a stretch of rollerblading shooting that doesn’t quite match the spirit of the game.
  • Despite this, it is one of those little wonders to give a try when you have a hole.
  • And also, the last taste in the mouth is still very positive.
  • Despite its details, it is still a pleasant and highly recommended adventure.
  • Especially, if there are children at home and you want to enjoy it in the company.

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Review Concrete Genie – Analysis and Beautiful Adventure capable of brightening anyone’s day.

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