Cinemark – Sector, Advantage, Cinemark Market, Strategic analysis, and More

Cinemark Competitive advantage

  • The Cinemark offers audiovisual quality, the presence of the latest digital technology and good infrastructure.
  • It has diversification of edible products, a feeling of comfort in each of its rooms, first-rate service, and a safe and entertaining environment.
  • The company is International Exhibitors Congress with the award: “Best Exhibitor in America” from 1993 to date.
  • Cinemark has positioned itself as one of the first options in cinema chains within the country.

Cinemark Sector

  • Within the market, the Cinemark Company competes strongly with the current leader in market share within the cinema sector.
  • Cinemark has a 43% market share, Cinemark with 22%, and UVK 8%.
  • The difference is that Cinemark does not cover international markets.
  • It manages a good cost strategy neglecting the quality of the service.
  • We must also take into account the difference in terms of presence within the territory.
  • Cinemark has 16 cinema complexes, while Cinemark only 10.

Cinemark Complex

1. Swot Matrix Cinemark

  • Cinemark was the first company to create rooms, introduce child seats and love seats, confectioneries for customers’ convenience.
  • And it adds new products such as liquid butter and flavored salt.
  • They always focus all their efforts on providing personalized and efficient service.
  • Cinemark offers the latest technology in cinematographic projections, a variety of products, and attractive promotions.
  • Provides its clients the ease of finding a telephone number and its website where they can obtain information about films and schedules.
  • It is a leading company and seeks to implement leather seats, a VIP decoration, and a series of improvements in the rest of its facilities.

Target market


  • Firstly, satisfy our guests’ expectations fully, providing audiovisual quality, comfort, and attention.
  • Secondly, in an environment of safety, respect, and care; value that we generate by attracting and motivating.
  • Also, developing the best collaborators and operating effectively, efficiently, and profitably.
  • Initially, the company was looking for segment A of the Peruvian market, given the location of its first establishment (Jockey Plaza Shopping Center – Lima).
  • And also, evaluating the situation and given a competitive reality and positioning, the other company was acquired.
  • As of 2003, they made changes in the strategy and also sought to reach sector B.
  • Inaugurating its premises in the Mega Plaza Shopping Center, seeking to attract new customers’ attention, investigate recent trends, shopping behaviors, and cultures.
  • And also, a new project was started in which Cinemark sought a presence in the different types of markets.

Strategic analysis


  • It seeks to be recognized by the public’s preference according to the quality of its service, obtain leadership within the sector.
  • And also, it creates a special bond with our clients (Loyalty of our guests).
  • Finally, instill from the beginning of all our collaborators’ trajectory the concepts of Quality – Talent and Warmth.

Management Area

Marketing Area

  • There are outdoor functions with inflatable screen in a rural area of Peru.
  • This idea allowed the film industries to value the rural market, which caused them to open a place in the rural market.
  • Due to technological advances, it was possible to implement rooms without such excessive costs.
  • It is to provide the regional market with economic functions and within everyone’s reach.

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