Austin Jones – Youtube Popularity, Account Demonetization, Cases, and More

Austin Jones: The YouTuber

  • YouTube star Austin Jones was sentenced to 10 years in prison for encouraging his underage fans to send him dozens of sexually explicit videos and images.
  • Austin Jones 26-year-old from Bloomingdale, Illinois, was arrested on two counts of child pornography production in 2017.
  • And admitted in a plea deal that he used Facebook about 30 times to connect with young fans and convince them to send him videos.
  • Before his arrest, Jones’s YouTube following had grown to more than 500,000.
  • Thanks to his performances of other artists’ material, as well as his original songs.
  • During the case, it was revealed that in the criminal lawsuit against the singer.


  • One of his accusers revealed that Jones told him during a conversation in 2016 that he was “lucky.”
  • He was paying attention and had to “prove” that she was his biggest fan, recording sexually explicit videos and sending them to him later.
  • “The production and receipt of child pornography are severe crimes that threaten the safety of our children and communities,” said Deputy District Attorney Katherine Neff Welsh.
  • “Jones’s actions took something from his victims and their families that they can never get back.”
  • Jones’s case had a good time going on online: In 2015, he was criticized for asking his fans to send him twerking videos.
  • Jones later apologized in a video, insisting that no sexual contact had occurred between him and the fans.

Account Demonetization

  • While YouTube demonetized his account, it initially did not do so after his guilty plea last February, saying the channel itself “did not violate its terms of service.”
  • However, he quickly changed his mind and lowered the circulation channel. Now Jones will spend up to a decade in prison.
  • Homeland Security Special Agent James Gibbons said in a statement that “Austin Jones’s sentencing represents a major step toward justice for the young victims he manipulated and exploited.”
  • The victim asked if he would not send the video to anyone, to which he replied: “I delete them after I see them.”
  • According to the conversation, Jones continued to pressure the girl to change her clothes and stay late.
  • When the younger said she had to go to bed, he asked her to take that very seriously.

Victims Case

  • Between the chat, Jones asks his victim, “In your opinion, do you think your butt is good enough to make kids go crazy?”
  • The young woman responded immediately: “Yes, he has given me privileges with the boys.”
  • Then Jones texted him: “I still haven’t liked it; I’ll add more lines and bounces if you think that will help you,” he noted.
  • The girl in the conversation would have sent 15 videos to Jones, of which is 10. She would appear naked from the waist down.
  • The young man would have repeated the dialogues with most of the fans.
  • To whom he threatened never to speak to them again if they did not send videos.
  • If you are my biggest fan, you would. You’re doing very well, but I need my biggest fan to have confidence.
  • I have to see your butt to know for sure that you care 100 percent.
  • He wrote to one of his followers, who refused to send him any more videos.
  • Regarding Jones’ sentencing, the Tribunal ruled that the singer’s main fan base was teenagers.
  • So he abused his vulnerability so that they participated in sexually explicit conduct.

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