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Amazon – Description, History, Business Models, Lawsuits, and More

What is Amazon?

  • Amazon SL (limited company) is a company from the US. Its primary market is electronic commerce along with cloud computing services.
  • Its headquarters are in the city of Seattle in the US state of Washington.
  • In this way, this company can offer the specific products of each of these countries.
  • In other countries where Amazon is also present, it performs technical support functions, such as Costa Rica.
  • It is there from where it centralizes its attention to customers from all over Latin America.
  • It is one of the largest growing companies in this country by having no less than 7,500 employees.

Amazon in Different Countries

It has managed to establish completely independent websites for many markets in which it is present around the world, such as:

  1. Germany
  2. Austria
  3. France
  4. China
  5. Japan
  6. USA
  7. UK and Ireland
  8. Canada, Australia
  9. Italy
  10. Spain
  11. Netherlands
  12. Brazil
  13. India
  14. Mexico

How the idea for Amazon was born?

  • Amazon is the largest online retail company globally, where you can find practically anything you need because it is very likely that someone is selling it.
  • The Amazon company was founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos after leaving his previous job as vice president of DE Shaw & Co.
  • In that same year, that company was a major Wall Street firm.
  • Being a Wall Street expert, the Amazon founder gave a report that analyzed the internet market and its future.
  • It is discovered that a 2,300% annual growth was projected in web commerce.

Achievement through Internet

  • After knowing this, he decided to create a small list of products that he thought would be sold very quickly.
  • And very easily when marketed through the internet, with which he obtained a list of only 20 products.
  • However, it was still a very long list, so he continued working on reducing it to 5 possible successful outcomes for the business.
  • In the end, after an exhaustive search and selection, he decided that the perfect business model for what he was looking.
  • It would be books since the worldwide demand for literature was enormous.
  • This decision was a complete success thanks to the books’ low prices that it offered added to the enormous quantity of literary titles that it had in stock.
  • The Amazon bookstore managed to achieve such success that only in the first two months of life.
  • The business sold to more than 45 different countries, including the United States. His sales were up to $ 20,000 a week.

New Business Models

  • But never settled for the model it found, so it announced on October 11, 2016.
  • It plans to build brick-and-mortar stores and develop curbside collection points for food.
  • This new business model was called “Amazon Go” (Amazon to go), opened to its employees in Seattle in 2016.
  • This new store is based on various sensors and can automatically load an Amazon buyer account as they leave the store. There are no pay-lines.
  • Although it took a long time, the store finally opened to the general public on January 22, 2018.

Amazon Lawsuits

  • But not everything was as simple as it seems.
  • There were other incidents, such as Barnes & Noble sued Amazon on May 12, 1997.
  • It claims that Amazon’s claim: “the largest bookstore in the world,” was a fallacy.
  • The plaintiff stated: “It is not a bookstore at all. It is a booking agent. “
  • After it was Walmart’s turn to sue Amazon on October 16, 1998.
  • The group alleged that Amazon had stolen its trade secrets since it had hired former Walmart executives.
  • Both problems were resolving through out-of-court settlements.

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