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A Day In The Life Of Drug Treatment At A Recovery Center

Taking the initiative to seek help for drug addiction is the first step toward healing. However, it is not usually easy, especially when you do not know what to expect from the drug recovery center. While most have almost similar daily routines, knowing what a day looks like in the recovery center you have picked is essential.

Some centers will have that on their website, but others do not reveal that information until you get admitted to the recovery center. This article will shed light on what a typical day looks like in most recovery centers to help you prepare for your new journey.

Addiction Treatment Program Daily Schedule

1.    A Nutritious Breakfast to Kick Off the Day

Breakfast is usually the first and most important meal of the day. A healthy breakfast will help you kickstart your day with the right energy. Addiction treatment programs also incorporate a nutritious breakfast in the daily routines to ensure that the patients are feeding well while in the program and have the power to tackle the day’s activities.

Some centers will have a meditation session before breakfast to align the patients’ thoughts and energies, but breakfast is typically the first order of the day in almost every addiction treatment program.

2.    Various Therapy Sessions

Right after breakfast, the patients get into therapy sessions either in a group or one-on-one with the therapist. These sessions are vital because they help you process everything and get around the obstacles that could hinder your recovery.

The group sessions help you gain the courage to talk about your issues as you listen to others with the same problems. For a more individualized treatment, the therapist will have a one-on-one session with different patients depending on the need.

3.    Another Hearty Meal for Lunch

Addiction treatment programs are meant to take care of your overall health. In addition to helping you fight drug addiction, they also ensure that you change your lifestyle into a healthy and beneficial one.

Healthy food is one way to help your body cope with the withdrawal symptoms you are likely to get once you start the recovery journey. These meals will also help you replace drugs with other healthy cravings like delicious and healthy food.

4.    Recreation and Physical Activities

The addiction treatment program strengthens your body, mind, and soul. Through a nutritious diet and a few physical and recreational activities, your body can shift focus from drugs and concentrate on things that improve your life.

Activities like yoga and meditation are also part of the package to help your body relax. However, the time you do these activities depends on the specific recovery center. Some might do them in the morning, others in the afternoon, and others later in the day.


A typical day within an addiction treatment program also has some personal time for patients to do what they want. You can decide to see a therapist about an issue you have, do some workouts, or sit with yourself as you evaluate and plan your future. Sign up for an addiction treatment program today and take charge of your life.

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