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Video game – Definition, Characteristics, Steps, and More

What is Video game?

A Video game is an outstanding interactive application-oriented to entertainment that simulates experiences on television, a computer, or another electronic device through specific controls or controls.

Video games differ from other forms of entertainment in that they must be interactive; that is, users must actively engage with the content.

The video game concept refers to any interactive digital game, regardless of its physical medium.

They can be very different from each other, both in complexity and in graphic quality and theme.

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What are the Characteristics of a Video game?

  1. It is playing through a multimedia device (console, computer, etc.)
  2. Is interactive
  3. Has a narrative
  4. Contains specific rules
  5. Has a conflict (such as obstacles or something that the player must resolve)
  6. Who plays it has freedom of action or agency
  7. Actions committed in the video game carry consequences within this (agency)
  8. It involves who plays, the medium used to play, the rules and structure that constitute the game, and the game’s narrative.
  9. May or may not have an explicit goal.

The audiovisual device in video games: the console or the computer

  • In video games, when talking about an audiovisual device, this refers to the device through which a video game can be run and operated.
  • In simple words: the audiovisual device is a multimedia platform, like the game console or the computer uses to play games.
  • This device characterizes by sending, receiving, and processing data between the system’s interior and exterior in an audiovisual way.
  • For example, when running a video game, the data recorded on the cartridge, disk, or file is processing on the console.
  • It interprets that information and shows the images, animations, and other audiovisual elements that make up the game.
  • Finally, the player interacts with this information by typing or pressing buttons with the control to advance.
  • This entire process is repeated continuously for the duration of this activity.
  • We can interact with a console or computer; these devices have the possibility of connecting to other input and output devices.
  • If we think about the input devices, these would be the controls, keyboard, mouse, etc., that we manipulate to play.
  • It should mention that these elements in themselves are not video games, but they are essential to define this type of medium.
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Interactivity: action and reaction

  • As we mentioned before, thanks to various devices, a player can interact with a video game.
  • We can think of interactivity as a form of communication in which an action from a program or medium is the result of a user’s story.
  • That is, interactivity is a process in which an agent’s action (player) leads to a reaction from a program or machine.
  • An example of this is when the player performs an action and knows that the video game character will react to it.
  • Interactivity is one of the critical characteristics of a video game.
  • Since the game reacts to our actions, and our efforts have consequences in the game.
  • This interactivity builds the relationship we have with the game. We believe that the experience that a player has with a video game is unique.
  • It happens because the experience and the actions and reactions with a video game depend on many factors.

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Review Video game – Definition, Characteristics, Steps, and More.

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