Watch Dogs 2 Review – Controls, Success, Entertainment, and Watch Dogs 2 Review

Is it a great success? Stop taking yourself seriously

  • ‘Watch Dogs 2 Review’ is hardly ever taken seriously, and that’s just what it needed to be a fun and straightforward sandbox.
  • Do not expect here a script with twists and dramatics for Watch Dogs 2 Review.
  • The few times that he approaches that area is when his intentions slip the most.
  • Here we control Marcus, a hacker who has been accused by a security system very similar to that of the Minority Report crimes.
  • The only difference is that instead of visions about the future, an analysis program that reaches everything electronic in the city.
  • It creates statistics to mark possible criminals that could be related to illegal practices in the future.

Watch Dogs 2 is another style of the sandbox

  • It would have been interesting to say here that the city is a great protagonist of the game in the same way that the fictional Los Angeles from ‘GTA V’s was there.
  • Symbolic locations take advantage of the fair and beyond the walks we take for our account or the luck.
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  • When recognizing specific points of the city, almost all the adventure will focus on the interiors.
  • Yes, the typical race bouncing through streets would leave any sedentary person stiff and a visit to a Google parody in Silicon Valley.
  • But I am being a game less focused on chases and more on the stealth strategy of entering a site and get out undetected.
  • Trips from here to there stop being interesting as soon as you discover that you can make quick trips to stores near missions.
  • Something in my case was practically from the beginning and became a habit.

Hacking is your weapon

  • I imagine it is clear that we are not going to learn the streets as we had to do it almost by inertia in other open worlds.
  • But we do not take it as a negative aspect unless we are big fans of driving.
  • If I was shooting fast, it’s because the game’s chicha, the exciting thing about this ‘Watch Dogs 2’, called me a lot more than hitting a gas pedal and skidding.
  • Using a game scheme that is dangerously close to excessive repetition, almost all missions will take us to a more or less closed area.
  • A large police or gang control, and the objective of infiltrating it to steal information, save a hostage or burn a server.

It’s more fun than any other

  • I was talking about repetition because it is inherently there, it is undoubted.
  • But this classification must be marked with an asterisk because at no time has it been a problem for me.
  • Distract this one, steal a key from that one, dodge patrols until you reach a remote server behind an elevator.
  • It takes you to what could be the headquarters of a group of Marvel super villains.
  • Locations are always different enough in terms of design and appearance that repetition becomes fun by allowing you to continue to grow as an expert in infiltration strategies.
  • That when discovering one of our drones does not mess up like it does when our presence automatically alerts authorities or reinforcements, turns ‘Watch Dogs 2’ into a game.
  • Despite giving the option to enter the sites from the beginning, it makes stealth a very accessible.
  • It is an entertaining challenge because of the brave machine gun in hand.
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