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The Uncut gems

  • For the latest character-driven exercise for the Safdies in pulp crime anxiety, Adam Sandler heads up Uncut Gems.
  • It’s cruelly funny, for one thing and on the other hand, the Safdies don’t reinvent Sandler as much as they rethink him.
  • It is playing to his impulsive man-boy strengths in an environment that stretches them again.
  • A debt-ridden jeweler and gambler with an appetite for self-destruction, Sandler’s Howard Ratner run into trouble while trying to auction off imported black opals
  • He believes loaning them to NBA star Kevin Garnett will increase his luck, but fate decrees otherwise.


  • As misfortune strikes, Ratner pin balls between estranged wife Dinah (Idina Menzel), patient Julia (Julia Fox), and mindless creditors in their desperation to get the rocks back.
  • Punch-Drunk Love aside, it has never been better chosen.
  • Sandler’s time bomb of silly compulsion and childish rage maintains our attention and empathy.
  • His behavior grows increasingly moronic and morally undermined with time.
  • Meanwhile, the Safdies create an atmosphere of conflict with the magnetic effect.


  • The conversations turn into explosions bombarded with f-bombs, turning the air in New York’s Diamond District blue.
  • Coastwise, Menzel’s soul-freezing gaze, Fox’s slow undertones, and support for Keith Williams Richards’ heavy threat projections charge the atmosphere with stakes and intensity.
  • Cinematographer Darius Khondji’s images provide a dense, textured sense of immediacy.
  • A Jewish dinner scene, meanwhile, feels completely vivid.
  • Impressively, this inside-out commitment to a specific world manages to evoke the 1970s films of Sidney Lumet and Martin Scorsese (an executive producer here) without suffering in comparison.
  • Bursts of expressive direction strengthen the Safdies’ grip so that even Ratner’s relationship with the doors.
  • He is making his way through them, closing behind them, is loaded with meaning.

Uncut Gems filming locations

  • Naturally, shot the principal photography for the film in New York City.
  • From what the recent reports suggest, Manhattan saw most of the action unfold in Uncut Gems.

Diamond District, Manhattan, New York

  • The inspiration for the tale may well have come from their father’s Safdie brothers, Alberto.
  • Alberto, a Sephardic Jew, grew up in Italy and France before moving to New York.
  • He was a broker and salesman on 47th Street, bringing jewelry from district to district stores.
  • He met various characters like Howard Ratner in his day, and their stories may have encouraged the Safdie brothers to make Uncut Gems.
  • It would be interesting to note that Alberto inspired cinema’s love and interest in the Safdie brothers.


  • Signs for filming ‘Uncut Gems’ were also reportedly seen on 46th Street and 6th Avenue.
  • The project was filmed under the name KMA Gems.
  • Some NBA footage has been used for the movie, so you may be able to see some of your favorite games playing.
  • However, since they played all of the games mentioned in 2012, this is not technically filming.


  • As is evident, the Safdie brothers make good use of their terrain to shoot Uncut Gems.
  • It gives us a glimpse of how they see New York City and involving people on the streets in their project to give one more touch.

Authentic experience

  • They even commented on how they filmed a particular fight scene on the trunk of a car, one brother lying on top of the vehicle and the other because it was practical and valuable.
  • For now, the Safdie brothers have no intention of leaving home turf for another film.
  • But we’re sure New York City has been portrayed like never before in ‘Uncut Gems’ by this duo.

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