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Super73 – Super73 Design, Specification, Modes, Applications, and More

What does Super73 brand offer?

  • The Super73 brand offers a differentiating design across the range that eliminates the superfluous and unnecessary in a very vehicle of this sort.
  • The range of electrical bicycles of the Californian Company Super73 is formed from four models divided into three series, R, S and Z.
  • All of them have a standard basic design, which makes them unmistakable.
  • The primary of those includes the highest-end model, which maintaining the common design language adds higher specifications for its components, including the electrical power train.
  • However, this bicycle is sold in Europe as an EPAC approved vehicle, in order that neither insurance nor registration is critical to be ready to circulate with it.

Super73 Features

  • The electric bikes are prepared to defend themselves equally both on and off the road.
  • Although the power train components are capable of offering an influence greater than that established within the EEC, electronic limitations allow maintaining the facility at 250 W and also the maximum assistance speed at 25 km/h.
  • Wth the aim of accommodates EPAC vehicle regulations and don’t require insurance or registration.

Super 73-RX, high-end and distinctive design

  • The Super73-RX is that the most powerful and technologically advanced electric bike within the brand’s catalog.
  • The box lighter material aluminum alloy 6065/7071 aircraft grade, rigid than steel and is immune to rust and corrosion.
  • To assist provide a clean and tidy design and minimize clutter, it features cable routing inside the tubes.
  • Also, it serves to safeguard all cabling.
  • At the top, a restaurant racer-style seat is standard on all RX models.

Super73 Components

  • It has a double suspension consisting of an inverted air front fork with a spring and one rear muffler that starts from the high bar and joins the articulated frame that holds the rear wheel.
  • The suspension is fully adjustable and includes preload, compression and rebound adjustments.
  • However, allowing each rider to configure the system for his or her riding style.
  • And also, it uses a Magura brake with 4-piston forged aluminum calipers and 203 x 180mm discs.
  • Also, the derailleur could be a 10 speed Shimano Zee (RD-M6400SP).

Driving modes, the key to EPAC approval in Europe

  • According to Super77 on its website, all its models are approved as pedal-assisted bicycles (EPAC) in Europe.
  • Its assistance speed is restricted to 25 km / h and also the rated power of the motor to 250 W.
  • However, within the case of the Super73-RX and Super73-S2, for driving within the countryside or in camera areas.
  • The Super73 application compatible with Android and iOS allows you to configure four different driving modes.
  • Also, four speed levels may be configured in each of them, a complete of 16 different possibilities.


Both the RX and S2 default to driving mode 1 (EPAC 250 W standard):

Mode 1

(default EPAC): 250 W motor power and maximum assistance speed 25 km / h.

Mode 2

Pedaling assistance up to 35 km / h (only to be uses on private land)

Mode 3

Pedaling assistance up to 45 km / h (only to be uses on private land)

Mode 4

“Unlimited mode” with assistance up to 50 km / h (only to be uses on private land).

Only accessible if the accelerator (ORE package) installs, which is optional.

Super73 Applications

  • It allows full control of motor power output.
  • It is often the mode intends for off-road environments.
  • Unlimited mode unleashes full motor power up to 1,200 watts nominal and a couple of 1000 watts peak.
  • Also, by adding all the probabilities of the gearbox and therefore the driving modes.
  • Each cyclist are going to be ready to adapt their pedaling style to practically any variety of terrain and level of comfort.

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