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The, Pension Administration System (RAKSHA) (SPARSH) is implemented to meet the pension payment and sanctions requirements for the armed forces, i.e. Army, Navy, Air Force and Civil Defense.

Our Vision – The right pension at the right time A commitment by the Bundeswehr to providing a secure and reliable digital platform for all activities related to pensions. Task

The is aCentralized sanction, entitlement and annuity payout.

Easily validate and rectify data with self-verification, producing “correct data the first time” with guaranteed accuracy.

Digital procedure for identifying pensioners, which eliminates the need for pensioners to make multiple visits to pension funds.

Added convenience of real-time complaint tracking to ensure timely resolution of pensioner disputes/complaints.

The Retiree Portal provides retirees with a single window to access retirement-related services, such as B. the ability to view pension details, pension entitlements, retiree profile details, income tax forms, etc.

SPARSH Project

The System for Pension Administration (Raksha) (SPARSH) is a Ministry of Defense initiative aimed at providing defense pensioners.

It is with a comprehensive pension administration solution in line with the Government of India’s vision of Digital India, Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) and “Minimal Government, Maximum Governance” as foreseen in paragraph 126 of Budget Speech 2017-18

A comprehensive web-based interactive pension payment system for defense retirees will be established.

The system will receive pension proposals and pay out centrally.

It will reduce complaints from defense retirees.

At the heart of this initiative is the defense retiree, who will have a fully transparent view of their retirement account through a platform that captures.

Also, it maintains a complete history of retiree events and rights from when they retire to the present. the loss of the pension owed to his last heir.

Therefore, system is managing by the Department of Defense Accounts through the Chief Controller of Defense Accounts (Pensions), Prayagraj, and serves the three services and allied organizations.

Also, the system will initially serve new deploy retirees and will later expand to cover existing defense retirees.

The system would take care of all the activities of the annuity cycle, namely:

  • Initiation and sanction
  • Payout
  • Revision
  • Management of service requests and complaints

Also, the system will connect all stakeholders and provide a single source of truth by ensuring transparency, accountability and ease of doing business through information dissemination.

SLAs for various activities and streamlining pension processes through Business Process Reengineering (BPR).

Also, the system will consist of two portals, one for the pensioner (SPARSH portal) and one for pension processing (SPARSH back office portal).

Therefore, thse portals will have a data sharing mechanism at set intervals to keep interested parties informed.

The SPARSH Portal

The SPARSH portal is setting up with the aim of empowering a defense retiree regarding their retirement account.

This is a step towards the disintermediation of services.

The portal guarantees that the pensioner is in control of their pension account from the moment they apply for a pension.

A person who is owns a pension is adding to the portal at the time their pension application is processing.

The pensioner is assigning a unique account number once they verify and digitize pension application.

Then, it is ready to send to PCDA (Pensions) for the issuance of the pension payment order.

This account number will be communicating to the pensioner on the mobile number/email address provided by them.

Also, when submitting their pension application, with which they can connect to this portal.

After the benefit register holder and the relevant paying agency have created the pension application.

However, it is available to the pensioner on the portal for verification.

Also, this process is Retiree Data Verification (PDV).

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Then, PDV assures that the pensioner has the final say on the information submitted to the sanctioning pension authority.

Also, the portal also allows the pensioner to make the necessary declarations / nominations / conversion requests.

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