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Song lyrics – Importance, Process, Art of writing Song lyrics, Topics, and More

How to write Song lyrics?

  • The first thing you can know is that, unlike other texts, Song lyrics have many more freedoms, which allows us different approaches.
  • In this section, you will find what you need to write the lyrics of a song.
  • That is, the lyrics of a song can be written in different ways, with other structures.
  • And also, there are different methods and techniques to write a song.
  • It allows us to achieve different types of songs and produce other effects in various aspects: the music and the lyrics.

The importance of song lyrics

We must know that the lyrics of a song include:

  1. Several levels
  2. The meaning of the words
  3. Their sound
  4. The play with the melody and rhythm
  5. The environment that the music creates
  6. The way it is interpreted
  • We may compose the lyrics of different elements, resources, and rhetorical figures such as simile.
  • Hyperbole, Synesthesia, the Metonimia, other structures such as letters, stories, poems, or even be an Analogy.
  • Thus, a song can be poetry, a story, a game, an anecdote, screams, made-up words, and even nonsense.
  • The only limit when creating a good song is creativity.

The Art of Writing

  • Some people find it easier to write, and others do not.
  • For this reason, I have written this step-by-step guide in which you will find the most necessary tools for yourself to compose.
  • Write the lyrics of a song. You can also learn and memorize other songs.
  • The important thing is that you enjoy doing it.
  • It’s okay if it costs you a bit for that this article. Let’s go with your lyrics!

Topics to write a song

  • First of all, it is essential to choose the topic that we will talk about in the song’s lyrics.
  • It may be that we are not very clear.
  • It may be that you are very clear about what to talk about, or it may not:
  • Put yourself with your paper and pen or in front of your pc, where you feel most comfortable when erasing and retouching the text.
  • When you start writing, let your body guide you a bit about what you need to express.
  • That active listening to your “inner voice” will show you a bit of what you need to express.
  • And that will be the best choice of the topic.
  • The mood for it can be made, well, don’t force yourself.
  • Songwriting is designed to express what one feels. Write what you need to say.
  • Deciding on an issue, in particular, will help you focus on what you are talking about and mentally help you direct your letter to that topic.

Different Topics

They can be varied topics:

1. Love and heartbreak

  • It is for Crushes, couple conflicts, feelings of being in love, sexual relations, unrequited love, etc.

2. Lyrics about friendship

  • It shows the value of friendship, relationships with people for years, and your best friend.

3. Social conflicts

  • It shows the poverty, unjust situations that happen to you in the world, social criticism, etc.

4. The family

  • Please talk about your family, experience in your life with the family, whether it is more or less good.
    The relationships are best with your brothers and concept of family.

5. Tell the truth

  • There are many topics that I do not name here because there are thousands to write the lyrics of a song.
  • That said, regardless of the topic you choose, what should be implicit in all of them is that you must tell the truth about what you are saying.

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Review Song lyrics – Importance, Process, Art of writing Song lyrics, Topics, and More.

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