Ramsey Orta – Description, Story, Reasons, Ramsey Orta Case, and More

Who is Ramsey Orta?

  • The man who filmed Eric Garner’s death at the hands of the police, Ramsey Orta, is sentenced to four years in prison.
  • On charges unrelated to the event, making him the only person present at Garner’s death scene to will enter the dungeon.
  • Last week Orta reached a sentence reduction agreement on charges related to firearms and drugs.
  • Ramsey Orta says he has been detained and harassed by the police repeatedly since filming the event two years ago.

Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez of Democracy Now!

  • Interview Eric Garner’s daughter, Erica Garner, and Matt Taibbi, a renowned journalist who writes for Rolling Stone magazine, is currently preparing a book on the Eric Garner case.
  • Amy Goodman: I’m so sorry, Erica, as you sit down to once again watch the video of your father gasping and saying he can’t breathe.
  • You have spoken publicly about this for the past two years.
  • Yes. I have protested and have spoken on television.
  • And also, I have traveled all over the country and I exhaust all the avenues.
  • I have supported Bernie Sanders so that he knows and transmits my message.


  • I have talked about this for two years, and there is still a need to speak.
  • The Black Lives Matter movement has been very patient, compassionate, and pleaded with the nation to listen to us.
  • Do you know? We blacks are being attacked every day, shot down every day.
  • And these officers are not being held responsible.
  • And there are no charges, from Tamir Rice to my father to Freddie Gray.

Amy Goodman: Wayne Isaacs was the off-duty police officer who shot Delrawn Small

  • Yeah it’s like, you know, we need some legislation.
  • We need a special prosecutor.
  • Governor Cuomo imposed it as a temporary executive measure after my father died, and no one is talking about it.
  • You know, no one is trying to make it permanent.

Amy Goodman

  • The reason we know what happened in your father’s death is that videotaped it.
  • The man who filmed his father’s murder, Ramsey Orta, now faces four years in jail on other unrelated charges.
  • It is making him the only person at the scene of Garner’s murder to serve time in prison.
  • Shortly after his father’s death, there was applause for him at a memorial service that was held.
  • Yes, he showed the courage to do it, and he also told everyone what happened.
  • If there were no video, you know, we wouldn’t know how they killed him.
  • And we didn’t get it from the police department.

There is no transparency

  • And now the hearing cases that the police camera went down, just like the Alton Sterling case.
  • You know, it’s our word against theirs.
  • Juan González: Matt Taibbi, you have been doing the investigation specifically in Eric Garner’s case and trying to look at this whole issue of police homicides.
  • As we’ve seen in the Alton Sterling case, this entire thing is about where someone records and their footage is confiscated.
  • Meanwhile, the police cameras go down.

Matt Taibbi

  • It is critically important that citizens make these recordings.
  • I think the Eric Garner case is a classic example of why this is necessary, as subsequent reports revealed.
  • The first official police report made that same night left out the fact that had used a dam key.
  • And so, no recording of what happened, it is possible never to have heard of this case.
  • It would have probably counted as an accident when a person who was in poor health struck in the middle of a routine arrest.
  • But we, because we have that video, we saw what happened.
  • So people must make these videos.
  • And I think what is happening now is that everyone has mobile phones, and for the first time, people see that this is very common.

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