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PS4 Controller – Features, Selection, Top Five PS4 Controllers, and More

The best controllers for PS4 according to your budget

  • When we buy a game console like the Sony PS4 Controller, we do it hoping that it will last us a long time, something that should be the case with the simple fact of taking a minimum of care.
  • However, the controls are the ones that suffer from daily wear and tear and those that require us to change the pads from time to time or even that we have to change them because they have broken down.
  • If your controller has stopped working and is looking for a new controller console, these are the best controllers for PS4.

Things to consider when choosing a PS4 Controller

  • We have to look at several details or be very clear when buying a controller for PS4.
  • There is no doubt for the budget we have will mark specific information.
  • But the truth is that today we can find controllers or controllers compatible with PS4 in an extensive price range.

1. Wireless

  • Perhaps the first thing we have to decide is whether we want a wired or wireless controller.
  • The truth is that almost everyone prefers a wireless controller to avoid having to walk with the cable connected and the limitations that this entails.
  • If we are looking for a much more professional experience, we must bear in mind that wireless connections will always offer higher latency than wired connections.

2. Level of play that we perform

  • Depending on our level of play, as with the type of connection, it is essential to consider the quality of the controller’s materials for PS4.
  • That is the quality of the controller pads and the number of functions that we can add with specific additional controls to those offered by Sony’s own Dual Shock.

3. Sony License

  • The officially licensed controllers for PS4 offer the security of never being out of date or obsolete after any firmware update of Sony’s game console.
  • However, very few models, apart from Sony’s own DualShock, have this license.

4. Compatibility

  • It goes without saying to us that when we look for a hand for PS4, we must bear in mind that it is compatible with the Sony video console.
  • However, some specific controllers may or may not be compatible with certain games.
  • In this case, if we are fans of a title that requires a particular command or controller, we must make sure that it is compatible, first of all.

5. Price

  • There is no doubt that the budget we have to buy the controller for PS4 will also determine its quality and performance.
  • Still, luckily, as we are going to show below, we can find controls with an extensive price range to find the one that best suits our needs and budget.

Top Five controllers for PS4

  • Beyond the original controllers for PS4, you can use other more affordable controllers that you will find on Amazon.
  • That will allow you to enjoy all the games without having to invest a large amount of money in them.
  • Using other controllers for PS4 will let you try new designs, models of all kinds, smaller controllers, or a different placement on the buttons and joysticks compared to the original controller.

1. Bufan

  • It is a controller specially designed for PS4, but it is also compatible with PS3, most Windows, Android, and Steam versions.
  • It has a built-in speaker, 3.5mm stereo audio jack, touch panel, and built-in light bar for a better experience.
  • Also, it has an ergonomic design designed for a more comfortable thumb position.

2. Nacon

  • Nacon is one of the reference manufacturers when it comes to controllers for PS4.
  • It has an excellent quality/price ratio.
  • And also, it is a controller with a Soft Touch surface for a perfect grip.
  • It has two vibration motors, a Led player indicator, a fully functional touch panel, and a 3.5 mm headphone jack.

3. Tutu

  • Another cheap PS4 controller is this wireless model compatible with the Sony game console, PS4, PS3, and latest Windows versions.
  • It has Bluetooth technology, a rechargeable 600 mAh battery capable of offering up to 7 hours of play even with non-stop vibrations and with a charging time of 3 hours.
  • The touchpad offers a whole new way to interact with games and incorporates a 3.5mm speaker and headphone jack.

4. Nacon Asymmetric

  • In this compilation of controls for PS4, you could not miss this Nacon model.
  • It has an asymmetric design to offer an alternative way of playing on the Sony video console.
  • It is equipped with two vibration motors, provides an autonomy of up to 7 hours and an operating distance of up to 7 meters.
  • We can play from the sofa without having the cables in between with complete peace of mind.

5. Hori Onyx Plus

  • Another controller for PS4 that could not be missing in this compilation is this Hori Onyx Plus.
  • A compatible model for PS4 and PC officially licensed by Sony offers two modes or options of use, wired or wireless.
  • Therefore, it is a model that adapts perfectly to all gamers’ needs and has a headphone jack.

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