Popcorn movies – List of Top Popcorn movies of all time

The Best Popcorn movies of 2021

  • We can celebrate watching the Popcorn movies that we had the pleasure and privilege of seeing.
  • The multiple modifications to the awards calendars that made to accommodate entertainment expectations created a peculiar year:
  • Perhaps this is the year in which there has been overwhelmingly unequal access to films since some came exclusively to cinemas.
  • Others have video on demand in limited territories, and still others, at least in Mexico, remaining in an abyss of uncertainty.
  • Some Popcorn movies are already available on digital platforms and will start rolling out in the coming days and months.


Christian Petzold / Germany

  • Award-winning German director Christian Petzold revisits the myth of Ondina in this romantic and dreamlike film.
  • Undine presents a tragic love story brought to life by one of the film couples with the most chemistry of today:
  • Paula Beer and Franz Rogowski who meet again after Transit also by Petzold.
  • In this movie, Beer plays Undine, whom we meet trying to convince her boyfriend not to leave her.
  • Amid her heartbreak, she has a bumpy meet-cute with Christoph (Rogowski), a young man immediately enthralled with her.
  • However, as legend has it, Undine has a mission she cannot underestimate: kill her ex-lover and return to her aquatic life.
  • In this story, the love and understanding of what was lost offer an additional layer of heartbreak.


Ekwa Msangi / United States

  • It is admirable how Msangi creates this story so intimate and personal as well as universal.
  • People from different countries can identify with the conflicts of this family.
  • The latter the challenges of the migratory experience (such as acculturation processes) and particularly.
  • The challenge of recovering what the 17-year separation took away: love familiar and the warmth of a good home.
  • Farewell Amor is a simple film that lights up the screen and leaves its mark on audiences.


Michael Dweck, Gregory Kershaw / Italy – United States – Greece

  • With The Truffle Hunters, directors Michael Dweck and Gregory Kershaw take us to Italy, where we interfere in the private lives of some older men who have devoted their lives to collecting truffles.
  • A world utterly unknown to me, it turned out to be a source of laughter and charm as I explored the lonely and stubborn life of these hunters of what is today a culinary luxury.
  • Even so, and beyond the interest that may arise from this profession that leaves thousands of Euros.
  • The most exciting thing is the love relationship between the men and their dogs, in charge of hunting truffles in the local forests.


Thomas Vinterberg / Denmark – Sweden – Netherlands

  • The film is also a critique of Danish society, the expectations of a perfect life, and the high alcohol consumption of the population.
  • Led by the magnificent Mads Mikkelsen with photography that takes us to the Nordic country and a selection of catchy and refreshing songs.
  • Iit’s closing with a liberating dance as a celebration of life is one of the best endings in cinema.


Steven Soderbergh / United States

  • Firstly, it aids by subtle improvisation that imbues it with a realistic air and the simple existence of the stars.
  • Secondly, there are many things to love about the film, including Hedges’ innocent and patient enthusiasm.
  • Wiest’s naivety has a plot full of resentments and complexities from Bergen and an admirable naturalness from Streep.

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