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Oculus Quest – Description, Features, Virtual Reality, Review, and More

What is Oculus Quest?

Oculus Quest is the best viewer, quality/price that one can buy today.

It is because of a crucial aspect, probably the most critical in this new medium that has started but has not yet taken off: its comfort.

Oculus Quest is very, very comfortable, and that, in virtual reality, its novelty.

We will delve into the reasons that make it so comfortable very soon; they are multiple.

But first, it’s time to pour a jug of cold water; and is that the Oculus Quest, as good as it is (which it is), may be running a bit late.

And that is the biggest stumbling block to recommend because, for usability and performance, it is the perfect entry for someone curious about virtual reality.

Simply comfortable

There is an ergonomic detail that those of us who have spent a long time among trinkets capture.

It rarely happens and defining it is not entirely straightforward.

It is a sensation, usually tactile, when feeling a technological object that feels perfect.

Also, it’s something that, for example, I remember fishing with the Game Cube controller.

At first glance, these buttons looked like inexplicable gibberish, a quirk of elaborate design.

Luggage virtual reality

Until now, it would never have crossed my mind to go on a trip with a virtual reality headset.

Even with the Go which was even less bulky than the Oculus Quest.

It did not cross my mind because the limitation of the experiences was much more significant.

I have already taken the Quest on two transatlantic trips because two games have me completely hooked: the Thumper and the Super Red Hot VR.

Luggage virtual reality

I had already played the second one outside of VR, and it is a small masterpiece.

The first, which can also play on the monitor, is one of those experiences that give virtual reality its reason for being.

Oculus Quest Portability

I define portability by the effort it takes to pass a piece of the junk through the airport tray.

Taking a Switch is to open the protective case, place it on the tray and repeat the operation in reverse.

Taking the Oculus Quest with you, for backpackers like me, is reduced to three steps.

Open backpack, leave helmet and two controls on the tray, collect and store.

It takes the same or less than putting the Switchback in its case.

Oculus Quest Best experience

  • Where VR is now is summed up in one word: scan lines.
  • These lines fillet the image and that the regulars of the arcade of the 90s sucked on each monitor.
  • The first time I played virtual reality, I smiled at that visual detail that I have not yet seen completely removed (although it is true that I have not tried all the high-end visors) in any helmet.
  • It was a return to the past, to the previous one to that pristine look that the Full-HD and 4K era brought us, by the mere fact that we are looking closely at a screen.
  • Oculus Quest, of course, is in this same stadium.
  • It has this effect that reminds us that the image in front of us is synthetic.
  • To me, and this is purely personal, it is an effect that I like more than others, such as pixel smoothing or raw pixels.

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Review Oculus Quest – Description, Features, Virtual Reality, Review, and More.

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