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Momo – Ende Michael, Synopsis of the book, Momo Reviews, Critiques, and More

What is Momo?

  • Momo (1986) is an Italian-German film adaptation of Michael Ende’s novel of the same name.
  • Momo was published in 1973 and had just over 300 pages.
  • And as I said before, the idea is excellent since the book deals with the value of time, how we use it, its loss, and, of course, life and death.
  • The Endless Story, Spring Tre club votes, chose Momo, and the truth, its reading has been quite disappointing.
  • I liked the idea of the book, it is original, yes, but many things did not convince me. Now I will tell you what I thought


  • The German writer uses Momo as a contrast to the gray men.
  • She is a girl who we do not know where she comes from, whether or not she has a family.
  • Suddenly she appears in the city and begins to live there; the men bring her what she needs.
  • And incidentally, they talk to her, they ask her for advice. , the children go there to play, and with it, they do not need anything else.
  • Only with their imagination they have fun for hours and hours, this part of the criticism seemed interesting to me.
  • Since the conclusion drawn by who reads it is very simple:
  • We do not need toys, things expensive, bought something; simply the imagination children are happy and can be entertained for hours and hours.


  • Men use the time to work, but also to socialize, play, have fun.
  • Still, with the appearance of gray men, these changes, little by little they are introducing the idea of “now of Time.”
  • And men must save it of what is considered excessive: fun, the one used for reading, for chatting, playing with children.
  • So finally, no one has time for anything or anyone; everyone comes and goes in a hurry.
  • Also, the idea that remains there, almost as a moral, is that as we live, we spend time.
  • But if we save this time from the fun, life ends up turning off, and we become gray men with dead time.

Book for Young Audience

  • It is a book dedicated to a young audience. Children can read it, although it is a little higher.
  • Adults can also read it, but it also fails, as you read it you are thinking:
  • “What an interesting idea” but it is an idea too chewed up, the author leaves it too much-given everything, and the same is because I like to draw.
  • My conclusions and that they do not put them there in each line.
  • I do not need to crush page after page of the same, well, in addition to the above, I have 100 pages of history left over.

Momo Review

  • The characters are not a success for me either.
  • Momo is the best characterized, but at no time have I connected with her.
  • Her closest friends have not seemed interesting either.
  • Perhaps the one I have enjoyed the most is the men in gray.
  • How they act, why, how do they disappear, what we do and what do they look for.
  • Momo’s language is simple, easy, and suitable for young people but for adults I don’t know, I think the same.
  • The endless story would have been better, or I hope so because I still want to read it in the future.
  • The good thing about this book is that his idea, current in the 80s, is now.
  • Currently, it would hook men on the mobile, computer, or any gadget, but otherwise, the context and the characters could be the same.

Novel Criticism

  • There are several criticisms against society in the novel, the one that does not have time for anything.
  • It leaves the children doing activities to not waste time with them, where we must always go quickly.
  • It is always saving time for other things and taking that time away from anywhere.
  • At the same time, the details are not essential, and precisely what makes us happy and fills our life with life is considered a waste of time.
  • Thus, it is a recommended book, but for a young audience, adults can indeed enjoy it the same, but it gives you things too chewed.
  • I would have preferred something more subtle all, but hence it is more for a young audience.
  • Despite the above, it is an exciting book to read and with an existing idea despite the year of publication.

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Review Momo – Ende Michael, Synopsis of the book, Momo Reviews, Critiques, and More.

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