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Legend of Zelda Games – Description, Approach, Elements, and Official Timelines

What is Legend of Zelda Games?

  • The Legend of Zelda Games is reborn and reinvents with a new installment and he does it masterfully.
  • From the glittering charm of a modest but unforgettable Link’s Awakening to the inexhaustible Hyrule of Breath of the Wild, there is more than one stretch.
  • However, Link continues to stay lively to the original essence: the spirit of adventure.
  • It brings us to an exciting point: after more than 20 installments, we take it for granted.
  • There are limitless methods to save the kingdom of Hyrule and keep the Tri-force in balance.
  • But it is leaving the saga aside from the launch order.

Is it possible to approach the fiction in the correct order?

  • Well, here you have to have one or two elements ahead:
  • There is an official chronology of the tale, subdivided into three timelines.
  • On the other hand, it is to organize all goods and deliveries so that, gradually, an evolutionary line is established centered on the player’s experience ahead of events.
  • Nintendo establishes an official timeline of the saga helps us a lot in the first case.
  • However, chronological order does not correspond, by any means, to the launch of each title.

Official Timelines Elements

1. The Official Timeline: Consequences of Link’s Success or Failure

  • From the beginning, Link’s adventures are much more than the story of a young hero on a rescue mission through many dangers, enemies, and dungeons.
  • It is to the point where the official timelines contemplate their defeat in the face of the forces of evil.
  • In essence, The Legend of Zelda presents an essential chapter within the history of the kingdom of Hyrule.
  • At least in the case of the principal deliveries.
  • We will see how the incarnations of those by the Triforce take on a crucial role.
  • Of course, the player will always have those roles reserved: the one chosen by the Triforce of Valor.

The Legend of Zelda Official Timeline

1. The Age of Goddess and Hero Legend

  • A deity would manifest in the eyes of mortals at the starting point on a chronological level.
  • The saga in Skyward Sword and that would give rise to five later eras.
  • The era of heaven, the period of chaos, the age of the prosperity (would establish where the kingdom of Hyrule).
  • And the era of the Hero of Time, which would coincide in a period of civil war that would show to us in Ocarina of Time.

2. The Hero of Time Has Been Defeated by Ganon: The Decline of Hyrule and Farore’s Last Chosen

  • Please lead us to the events in A Link to the Past and its direct continuations.
  • Link’s Awakening, Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages, A Link Between Worlds, and Tri Force Heroes.
  • Time Hero Defeats Ganon: Child Link’s Timeline, Twilight, and Legacy
  • The two take place in the present and the future of Ocarina of Time. It is the story that continues in Hyrule in which the hero is still a child.

3. Time Hero Defeats Ganon: Adult Link’s Timeline of the Winds and the New World

  • Two fascinating consequences: in addition to Ganon, a new hero would appear sailing the seas in search of adventure.
  • It is being the starting point of the era of the incredible journey of Phantom Hourglass.
  • And also, with it the discovery of a new continent and the foundation of a new Kingdom of Hyrule.

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