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Lana Rhoades And Logan Paul Podcast

Who is Lana Rhoades

Lana Rhoades And Logan Paul Podcast – Lana Rhoades, real name is  Amara Maple, And she is an ex-porn star. She’s previously modeled for Playboy magazine and starred in several adult films. She was also in the 2017 film Lana. Moreover, Rhoades grew up in Chicago and got into the wrong crowd there. So when she was 16, she spent a year in juvenile prison.

Rhoades is now a influencer and digital creator. And, she hosts her podcast 3 Girls 1 Kitchen (3G1K) with Olivia Davis and Alexa Adams. Moreover, she also creates YouTube videos. Later on, Rhoades spoke out about her time in the porn industry and some of the worst scenes she’s been asked to film on her podcast. She’s also spoken about her marriage at age 18 and who she’s dated.

Who Is Logan Paul And

Lana Rhoades And Logan Paul Podcast – Logan Paul ranks one of the biggest names of boxing in modern times. In just a brief period the YouTuber turned boxer has pin down himself as one rising star who can hook in millions of casual boxing fans with his fights. Not only boxing, but Paul gets massive attention from fans and fighters because of his antics and minor out-of-the-ring controversies.

Lana Rhoades And Logan Paul Podcast

Lana Rhoades And Logan Paul Podcast of his podcasts about her relationship with Logan, Lana Rhoades says that a year ago, Logan Paul’s name was all over the internet because of Lana Rhoades. But how come ‘The Maverick’ put himself in some trouble? How is he related to Lana Rhoades?

The story also revolves around Mike Majlak, Logan Paul’s roommate, close friend, and podcast member. Last year, the YouTuber turned boxer introduced Majlak to Lana Rhoades. Post that, Majlak and Rhoades even entered a relationship. Rhoades even appeared on the podcasts and Paul’s Impulsive channel as a guest. So, Everything seemed fine for a bit. However, things escalated when Majlak and Rhoades parted ways.

Lana Rhoades And Logan Paul Podcast

Mike Malak himself confirmed the split, and he didn’t give any statements about Logan Paul deteriorating his relationship. Instead, Majlak asserted that Lana Rhoades was interested in buying a house and moving in together, but he wasn’t ready for the same.

However, there were only rumors surfacing around Paul’s involvement in this entire matter, but no concrete news came in. However, Rhoades did believe Logan Paul succeeded in ruining her relationship. But she didn’t mention what exactly happened between the trio.

Lana Rhoades And Logan Paul Podcast And Networth

Lana Rhoades Lana’s net worth had been under testimonial. Nonetheless, her previous net worth is around $100,000 and $ 1 million. She started firing in the scenes between 2016 and again in late 2017. This estimation covers her cars and trucks, income, revenue, etc. Currently, her total assets of more than $20 million.

Lana Rhoades And Logan Paul Podcast And Networth

This estimation also covers her valuable homes like home, cars, even income, etc. Her primary source of income is from shooting scenes. She likewise makes some revenue from her Snapchat account as a premium account for her fans and target market. Logan paul NetWorth is much better than Lana according to an estimate of NetWorth of logan paul is $25 million.

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