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Knives Out – Story Mode, Success, Appearance, Knives Out Facts, and More

Knives Out: A Classic Story

  • A hilarious update of the classic Knives Out in which Daniel Craig has a great time playing the detective Benoit Blanc.
  • He is the one who enters a family in which a crime has probably been committed.
    The elderly patriarch of the same (Christopher Plummer) appears with his throat slit one morning after a party.
  • All his descendants and relatives are there including Jamie Lee Curtis, Don Johnson, Chris Evans, Toni Collette or Michael Shannon, among others.
  • Also, the nurse who cared of the old man (a wonderful Ana de Armas) become suspects of possible murder.

Knives Out Success

  • Of course, the genre itself is not new, but the casual and sometimes somewhat parodic (or satirical) way the writer and director Rian Johnson conceives the film is.
  • In addition to its devilish rhythm and turns that are more typical of the genre, they are always well carried.
  • Rian Johnson’s screenplay was the only Oscar nomination for a film that might have garnered even more awards at the end of the year.
  • The director of photography is the American Steve Yedlin [ASC], whose career is mainly linked to Rian Johnson, having photographed all the director’s films.
  • “Brick” (2005), “The Brothers Bloom” (2008), “Looper” (2012) and famous series “Star Wars
  • The Last Jedi” (2017) and the present title is rumored to be preparing a sequel continuing with the character of Daniel Craig.
  • Outside the orbit of Johnson, for example, he did not collaborate on “Breaking Bad” when the director directed several TV series episodes.

“Knives Out” Interesting Facts

  • His career (the titles in which Yedlin has participated) are not so remarkable, as evidenced by the interesting fact that in recent years.
  • He has shot films such as the remake of “Carrie” (2013) by Kimberly Peirce.
  • Also, they have vehicles such as “San Andreas” (2015) for Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.
  • Perhaps, above all, Yedlin is known for his recognized tests between different digital and celluloid formats.
  • He advocates that the differences between them are not so significant once certain factors are equalized, leading him to consider a reputed technician.

Series Shoot

  • Above all, the image of “Knives Out” stands out because it shot it in digital format (with the Arri Alexa Mini.
  • Mainly Panavision Primo Compact zooms, and Zeiss Master Prime fixed lenses ).
  • But Yedlin, he learned or with the fruit of his tests between different emulsions, formats, and HD cameras.
  • He has applied a LUT and celluloid grain that makes the visual result very close to a film shot on celluloid.
  • It includes some glare effects before high-intensity light sources.
  • They are difficult to discern if it is a Primo zoom lens effect.
  • Ultra Contrast or Smoque type filters combined with Soft FX or similar ones.
  • It produce the type of halo around overexposed areas built with celluloid.
  • The results in this regard (“Knives Out” is also Rian Johnson’s first film shoot in digital) are spectacular.
  • At least in domestic formats, likely, the majority of viewers who question the type of acquisition of the film (digital or celluloid) are not able to differentiate them.


  • On an aesthetic level, Yedlin is not that bright, and the look of the film.
  • It is somewhat more conventional, as indeed all Rian Johnson films have been to date.
  • There is a lot of work in “Knives Out” to let in plenty of available light through windows and complement them.
  • Also, with modern LED fixtures (such as SkyPanels) that allow the cinematographer quickly.
  • Also, easily match color temperatures between one type.
  • Another source; there are also quite a few scenes featuring multiple built-in light sources on screen.
  • Like lamps or sconces in the different halls, rooms, or corridors of the mansion in which the film takes place.
  • All of them duly complemented by sources outside the frame
  • There is also an effort to create exciting night-time exteriors based on double exposures.
  • Also, specific digital effects manage to merge American night effects.
  • And also, real night effects into a single plane (so that the windows and facades.


  • They have the entire night’s appearance, illuminated by Yedli.
  • While the gardens and skies have a closer look at classic American night).
  • And of course, the specific treatment on the interpreters based on soft lateral light could not be absent.
  • It follows them in each camera position, making the image more friendly and sophisticated.

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