How to make Yeast – Yeast Recipes, Types, Ingredients, Methods, and More

How to make Yeast?

  • How to make Yeast, the sour dough is a living yeast used for making pastry and baking recipes.
  • You will be surprised to know that you can make fresh homemade yeast to make bread, cakes, and various dough’s without the need for it.
  • In the case of yeasts that activate the fermentation of bread or other pastry recipes or the fermentation of beer or wine, all are considered yeasts.
  • The yeast called Saccharomyces cerevisiae is the one that is commonly used to make bread dough.
  • It is the so-called baker’s yeast, but it turns out that this is also the yeast most used in the manufacture of beer.
  • We could say that almost all of humanity has these yeasts swarming through their body; who knows, if these yeasts had intelligence.
  • the truth would be alarming, looking at the bright side, they would have millions of years of intelligence in their DNA and now it turns out.
  • They claim (I don’t know who, why or with what interests) transgenic or synthetic yeast, but let’s not deviate from the subject.

Types of natural yeasts

  • Given that today there are different types of natural yeast, this form of production is not common to see, except in some bakers who still make their bread in stone ovens.
  • Fresh: customarily sold at the retail level in 25-gram portions, it dissolves in water and then integrates into the dough (it tends to get moldy if it spends more time in the refrigerator than necessary).
  • Dry: this is usually packaged in metallic envelopes, very resistant, and easy to apply.
  • Liquid or sourdough: this is the recipe we are talking about today. It is an alive and active ferment.

Steps to make homemade leavening yeast in liquid sourdough

  • Now we will see how the activation process should be to get a perfect sourdough to make your homemade doughs.
  • We will also explain how to make gluten-free sourdough and make homemade yeast to make food suitable for coeliacs.
  • I will tell you that you do not need to have fresh since this recipe is a recipe to make sourdough using from a beer.


  • 100 ml of beer (in case of celiacs, use gluten-free beer)
  • One teaspoon of sugar
  • One tablespoon of wheat flour (in case of celiacs, use buckwheat flour)


  • Place the beer, the sugar in a glass jar.
  • With the help of the blender, mix all the ingredients well.
  • Cover the pot with transparent paper and make two small holes with a toothpick in the film.
  • Store in the oven overnight.
  • In 7 or 8 hours, the fresh yeast should be done, although the ideal is 12 hours.
  • The proportion to use this yeast is four times higher than fresh yeast; if a recipe requires 3 grams of fresh yeast, we should add 12 grams of liquid sourdough.
  • When you open the jar after fermenting all night, you will recognize the typical smell nuances of a sourdough bread dough.
  • It should never exceed 50ºC during fermentation. Otherwise, the yeasts will die, and you will not be able to get your sourdough.
  • There is a whole kingdom hidden in the mystery of evolution, where the human race and that of this yeast unite, perhaps long before the existence of the human or mammalian species in general.

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