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Fire Emblem Three Houses – Story Mode, Customize Battle, and Exceptional Series

The Fire Emblem: Three Houses

  • It is none other than Fire Emblem: Three Houses, the new chapter in the saga that leaps Nintendo Switch.
  • After leaving us with a few games on Nintendo 3DS, some better than others first of the main series to reach Nintendo Switch.
  • It is highly anticipated as it was one of the big N’s critical games, so it could not surprise us with something just anybody.

Three stories worthy of starring in your series

  • On this basis, any important detail that we tell you related to the plot can be considered a spoiler.
  • We will try to say to you above what we can expect from the story that this game offers us.
  • It is undoubtedly one of its most special sections.
  • From the first moment, it hooks you with fantastic ease that only makes you want to continue without stopping as long as you know what will happen next.
  • To give you a better idea, it is like that series that you are there first to see the premiere of a new chapter, and when it ends.
  • You are already counting the hours that remain until next week.

Fire Emblem Plot

  • With Fire Emblem: Three Houses, it is the same, except that here it is up to each one to discover how the plot will progress depending on what is played.
  • Of course, I cross my fingers that Nintendo teams up with a production company to make a series or movie of all this one day.
  • During the first bars of the plot, he will introduce us to the nobles who command the three leading houses of the Fódlan region.
  • It is Edelgard, the Black Eagles, Dimitri, of the Blue Lions, and Claude, of the Golden Deer.
  • After completing the first mission and saving this trio of characters, we will have the task of becoming a teacher.
  • It is depending on the gender of our protagonist and the Garreg Mach monastery.

Battles with a classic touch and more spectacular than ever

  • Of course, as much as the story is one of its most vital points, Fire Emblem:
  • Three Houses does not stop betting on strategy and those kinds of battles.
  • It have dazzled all the followers of what is one of them the most popular franchises.

Long-lived Nintendo

  • Reaching victory will not be an easy task to accomplish, regardless of whether you are newcomers or veterans in the saga.
  • It is because some battles are difficult enough to pose a good challenge.
  • Other players have dropped, and there will also be moments in which we will have to face powerful gigantic creatures and final bosses that will force our warriors to give their best.
  • Even so, if we make a mistake that makes us want to back down, we can also use the Divine Pulse to go back to the point of battle.
  • We prefer, but of course, this action will be limited to a certain number of uses.

Customizing our army to the maximum

  • Our students will be our companions in battle and throughout the journey that we will undertake.
  • The relationship that we will maintain with each of them will be formidable.
  • In the end, we will end up empathizing with the group so much that we will always make sure that nothing happens to us during the fights.
  • Primarily that they are not eliminated because, in the classic difficulty mode, they will disappear forever.
  • If you are a newcomer, relax because there will also be an easy way to bring your companions back to life at the end of the battle in question.
  • We will become so fond of all of them because of the conversations that we will witness during the plot.
  • The optional talks that we will have will increase our support with them.
  • It is giving rise to sequences that will allow us to know each other’s personality, past, motivations, etc.

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Review Fire Emblem Three Houses – Story Mode, Customize Battle, and Exceptional Series.

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