Entertainment movie – Description, Benefits of Watching Entertainment movies, and More

What is an Entertainment movie?

  • An Entertainment movie is worth paying the ticket for a show or sitting on the couch to watch a film on television.
  • An internet platform is actions that seem naturally associated with fun and popcorn to watch an Entertainment movie.
  • We often don’t think about or realize that watching films has several benefits that go far beyond just having a good time.

Relax and reduce stress

  • The first benefit is the most obvious, and the one that is most related to the entertainment highlighted at the beginning: the movies relax and reduce anxiety and stress.
  • When we watch a movie, we “forget” the rest of the world to concentrate only on what is happening on the screen.
  • Unlike reading, which is a more active process, enjoying movies is a passive activity: it is much easier to relax, disconnect, take a mental break.
  • And reducing stress, of course, has multiple positive effects on psychological and physical health as well.
  • It helps to see problems better.
  • Like literature, the cinema contributes to improving the capacity for empathy. Whoever sees a movie accompanies its protagonists and – in an imaginary way – puts themselves in their place.
  • They experience emotions, desires, sufferings, etc. “When we identify with a character who has our same problems, our empathy increases.

Let’s do catharsis

  • For Aristotle, catharsis was one of the moral ends of tragedy. According to the classical definition, it consists of emotional, spiritual, mental, and corporal purification.
  • It occurs when the viewer manages to discharge his passions by seeing them projected on the characters of the work.
    The same thing happens in the cinema.
  • One can feel hatred, anger, thirst for revenge, envy, and other sensations and, in some way, get rid of them, without suffering their “real” consequences at all.
  • In other words, the ones that he would suffer if, instead of turning them into a movie, he took them into his own life.

Develop creativity

  • Films, Burque explains, “also give us very different visions of our reality and our mental schemes, which help us to enrich ourselves intellectually, to be more flexible or to gain perspective and imagination.”
  • All these elements are crucial to motivating and developing creativity.
  • In this way, films can also positively affect other aspects of life, both at work and in other activities related to the arts: painting, drawing, music, etc.

Leads to reflect on complex issues

  • For the same reasons mentioned in the previous point, the cinema adds another virtue.
  • On many occasions, it leads the viewer to reflect on issues, problems, and dilemmas.
  • Or a fictional story may lead you to question your positions or opinions.
  • It usually occurs in stories that address extreme situations or moral dilemmas such as suicide, euthanasia, abortion, revenge, or forgiveness.
  • But this process of rethinking one’s points of view can also occur on issues of much less importance.

Convey positive messages to children

  • Children’s films often fulfill the role of the old fables.
  • As the dictionary explains – a “didactic or critical intention frequently manifested in a final moral.”
  • In films, in general, the moral does not appear explicitly.
  • But positive values such as generosity, respect, companionship, and friendship transmit clearly and forcefully.
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