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Crypto currency – Definition and Complete guide to Crypto currency

What is Crypto currency?

  • Crypto currency offers a very convenient way to convert your bitcoins to fiat money (euros and dollars), and you can even use that cash.
  • Also, Bit2Me is working on adding more and more ways to make payments, such as Paypal.
  • But not only that, Bit2Me has developed a Bit2Me Crypto Card, a VISA card with which you can use all the crypto currencies.
  • It is supported by Bit2Me in more than 20-40 million online stores and ATMs for cash withdrawals, practically all over the world.
  • As you can see, the options are several and multiple, and all this from your Bit2Me user account.

The complete guide to Crypto currency

Below we will explain to you the complete process, which only has four simple steps.

STEP 1: Register on the web

  • This step will only need to do for the first time. If you have an account, skip it.
  • To operate on a platform for buying and selling crypto currencies that comply with current regulations and is committed to its users’ safety, the first thing we need to do is a registration process.
  • It is no exception and has a simple registration process but by the guidelines required by current legislation.
  • Create an account: It consists of a 20-30 second process to enter your respective email and the password you want to use.
  • We recommend using a different and unique password, which you do not use on other platforms, and adding characters.
  • Verify identity: The second step is to link your identity and then click on the “complete account” button.
  • You must enter your phone number and add your data and photo of the DNI (a standard financial platform process).
  • Once these two steps to carry out, the Bit2Me team will review the data provided, and in a matter of minutes, your identity will be verifying.
  • While they keep verifying your identity, you can continue with step two.

STEP 2: Deposit your bitcoins

  • The next step will be to deposit your bitcoins in your Bit2Me wallet. It would help if you transferred the bitcoins from the current wallet to Bit2Me.
  • To do this, you only have to send the bitcoins to the address of your Bitcoin wallet in Bit2Me.
  • After two confirmations (approximately 15-20 minutes), you can sell them.

STEP 3: Selling your bitcoins

  • When your bitcoins are available in your wallet, you can sell them, receiving the euros based on the current price.
  • The sale is instantaneous and painless. With a single click, you will have your bitcoins sold.
  • It is not necessary to sell 90-100% of the deposited bitcoins. You can sell what you want whenever you want.

STEP 4: Withdraw the euros

  • Once you have the bitcoins converted to euros, you can withdraw them, for example, to your bank.
  • Depending on the country where you are living, you can use some withdrawal methods or others. However, the most common is to use the withdrawal via bank.
  • To do this, you must, in your euro wallet, click on the withdraw button.
  • When you do, you must select the bank transfer option, enter the bank account where you will receive the money, and accept.
  • Simple as that! You are now ready to do the process yourself.
  • Once you have the money in your bank, you can convert it to cash or do whatever you want.

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