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Best Mac Apps – The Most Trending and Best Mac Apps in 2021

What are the Mac Apps?

  • We bring you a list of the Best Mac Apps and tools for Mac in 2021, both the essential classics and some new programs launched in recent months.
  • We have tried to make a list varied and cover as many needs as possible, and that is why we propose a total of 37 applications on our list.
  • Like every year, the list does not focus on the new applications released this year but on the best that you can find on Mac Apps for the most diverse tasks.
  • The idea is that if you buy a new Mac, you have all this repertoire at your disposal, without forgetting the veterans, but trying to put some new tools.


  • The application has long been one of the best tools for the Mac menu bar.
  • And also, it allows you to prevent your Mac from going to sleep when you have not used it for a while.
  • You can configure it to keep both the Mac and the screen activated and turn it on or off through a simple button or automatically.
  • The application is essential for those who work on their Mac.
  • It allows you to establish hours and minutes in which you want it to never be at rest.


  • It is a third-party application that helps you uninstall applications on Mac.
  • It searches and deletes the files that each application distributes on the hard drive when we install it.
  • And also, it does so by offering you a straightforward interface.
  • It only shows you a window, and you have to drag the application to it.


  • It is a tool for recording and editing audio tracks on any operating system and can compare a few to it for editing, recording, effect creation, or audio conversion work.
  • You can use Audacity for free on macOS and Windows, and GNU / Linux, and it is open to other developers with its support for plugins with which to improve it.
  • It also has 16, 24, and 32 bit sound quality and allows you to import, edit and combine different audio files.


  • If you have an e-book reader, you need to have Caliber Calibernd if the e-book is a Kindle.
  • Then it is an added reason to install the best e-book library, manager.
  • With Caliber Caliberu will be able to have your virtual library organized, convert books into different formats.
  • And send the texts to the reader you are using by converting them into their native format, such as that of the Kindle.
  • It also allows you to download newspapers, your favorite websites or read from the same application.
  • You can do dictionary searches, view the books on your PC or the connected eBook, read random books, have your books synchronized in the cloud.


  • Every day at 10 in the morning, DailyWall will take care of selecting a new wallpaper and applying it to your Mac automatically.
  • In addition, it is also available for iOS and iPadOS, syncing the same wallpaper also on your iPhone or your iPad.
  • Come on, it’s a relatively simple application, but it can be beneficial if you like customizing your devices.
  • You want to surprise yourself every day with a new image, but you’re too lazy to do it on your own.
  • According to its creator, the selection of funds selects by professional photographers and is constantly expanding.

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