Another Life – The New Netflix Space Series, Synopsis, Review, and More

What is ‘Another life’ about?

  • Another life is about the Earth has its first contact with an extraterrestrial civilization when an artifact of unknown origin appears on the planet.
  • Everything about it is strange, but it is possible to find out where it came from, so a mission sending to get answers.
  • Ian Yerxa (Tyler Hoechlin) leads the mission, but he loses that position to Niko Breckinridge (Katee Sackhoff).
  • On Earth, Niko’s husband (Justin Chatwin) investigates the properties of the artifact.
  • Meanwhile, the ship’s crew, The Salvare, begins to experience supernatural abilities and meet aliens who try to kill them.
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  • Everything can have consequences significant for the destiny of humanity.


  • Another Life is created by Aaron Marton, writer of projects as diverse as Killjoys, Being Erica, Slasher or Degrassi.
  • The new generation, and from the trailer, it seems that we are going to find a mix between Night flyers, the Stargate saga, Dark Matter and those films from the subgenre of “space mission in trouble.”


  • The series begins with the inferior officer doing double penance while riding the solar systems.
  • On the one hand, she has had to abandon her daughter and her partner on Earth (a scientist trying to do with an alien crystalline structure parked in a meadow what Amy Adams did in Arrival, but it comes out dull).
  • On the other, it forces to support a crew composed of post-adolescent, almost adolescent, insipid and unbearable characters.
  • That kind of resistance to Breckinridge’s authority leads Ian Yerxa, a second-in-command.
  • He chose because incorporating the commander into the mission also meant that he was relieved of leadership.
  • Tyler Hoechlin plays it, is the actual black hole from the adjoining outer space.
  • The actor (meat of Teen Wolf and the Superman of the Arrowverse) embarks from the first minute on a stupefying circular journey on three or four generic emotions.
  • He dances with one of the most theatrical, forced, and little self-conscious interpretations that this one he writes have seen in his life.

Another Life’ treads cliche after cliche

  • In general, the Other Life offering works poorly from the moment it is on the table for that very reason.
  • It has apparent traces of cheap product.
  • The hackneyed story to the extreme, the fuzzy characters, and the broad brush realization.
  • Even extensive gimmicky details like an interstellar vehicle being fixed by tightening a boiler with a wrench.
  • And here, “cheap” does not have a single negative connotation.
  • It is precisely in those second-tier products that revolutions occur in that un-complexes and fluid B series.


  • But Another Life was born believing that it owes something to someone by shooting in 4K and making a severe gesture.
  • And there, the (space) ship leaks.
  • What is most surprising and disappointing about the series is that it has not wanted or known to recognize its
    proposal as what it cries out to be with such a ridiculous initial bid.
  • That it is not less, nor worse, but it is something else.
  • Please take advantage of his inane preliminaries to play them in his favor.
  • Self-parody liberation, and grotesque instead of those long faces.

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