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8kun – Description, Creation, Reason, Controversial Board, and More

What is 8kun?

  • The most remarkable point of 8kun is that now the site presents a disclaimer, which serves as a warning.
  • “Any content that violates the United States of America laws will be removed and will ban the person responsible.”
  • It has new name and new promises of control although without precise details.
  • According to the information, 8kun went into operation on November 3 and had more than 70 active boards.
  • According to their managers, they have received more than 200 migration requests from ‘boards’ and are looking to have the 25 most popular 8chan.


  • It is a most famous and controversial board, where Brenton Tarrant, the 28-year-old author of the Christchurch massacre in New Zealand.
  • It published his racist manifesto before the attack and Patrick Crusius, a 21-year-old young man.
  • According to authorities, he also posted his hateful message on 8chan moments before a shooting that left 20 people dead in El Paso, United States.
  • As we know, 8chan was precisely removed after the El Paso shooting when companies like Cloudflare, Voxility, and Tucows withdrew support and service to the site last August.
  • And 8chan had been synonymous with a racist community and with extremist ideologies.
  • So the providers decided not to be related to this.


  • 8kun maintains part of the team that managed 8chan, including Ron Watkins, the son of 8chan owner Jim Watkins.
  • They have clarified that they are aware of the previous site’s reputation.
  • And this time does not want 8kun to end in the same way, so now they will “seek to align themselves with the law” while maintaining their users’ anonymity.
  • So far, it is not clear how they will avoid illegal content and what tools they will implement for this titanic task.
  • Outside of the disclaimer on the home page, it is unclear if there are any changes to the way 8kun will handle all content uploaded.

8kun Creator

  • On the other hand, the creator of 8chan, Fredrick Brennan, maintains his position and does not support the site’s return:
  • I do not want 8chan to return and think its administrators are incompetent people.
  • While Jim Watkins, current owner, and operator of 8chan, continues with his speech by ensuring.
  • The site is “voluntarily offline” and is ready to return after developing tools that serve to flag illegal content.
  • It is a fact that 8chan is back, with a new name, new promises of control, although without precise details of how they will make sure that what happened last time does not end up happening.
  • As they recall in Vice, Watkins assured in a prepared statement presented before the National Security Committee of the White House of the formal Representatives of the United States that 8chan could go back online.
  • However, he said, “Only when 8chan can develop additional tools to counteract illegal content under United States law.”
  • We’ll see where it all goes and if the name-changing choice – changing the suffix chan.
  • It is usually referring to children, to Kun, referring to adolescents – means something.

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